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What if there was someone willing to train people, free of charge, how to buy, trade and win with Crypto-currency? Free, with one stipulation: they must pay it forward. It is their word, they do it - or they don't. That is not something I need to worry about. They promise, I am good. (Is that a thing? Pay It Forward... or don't?) Would you do it? Would you accept the training and agree to pay it forward?

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Full disclosure: I would ask people to "use my referral links" as part of their journey for sites like coinbase, etc., which would help cover the free pizza at the training sessions... and hopefully more!!!


I am working with a group of people to develope a strategy to train people about crypto currency in groups. It is in the form a private facebook group right now, testing the concept out, some of that will be in the next post, and it is still a work in progress.

  1. I want to train only "non-beginners" and only in groups - I am thinking 10 people would be a good size. I would also love it if the group could stay in contact with each other to continue the effort. Each person creating another group and so on.

  2. "But I am NOT a non-beginner!" To be eligible you will have to watch a bitcoin 101 training series that I find to be the basic building blocks to understand this amazing new world - CRYPTO CURRENCY. (This might be all you need to get started actually and you may never look back. For some, just hearing the word "bitcoin" might be enough to set them on their way.)

  3. Each person would be asked to submit five questions from the training video, good questions that shine some light on some key information that really struck them as important. I would recommend the questions be written down as the person watches the video, then picks the five best questions and refines them for submission.

  4. These questions will be gathered up and used to create a test, which they will need to pass to get the official training - so you might see your own question on the test. The test would change and be improved with each iteration, each graduate will be asked to help improve the test for the next wave.

  5. On the day of the training, we will start with a question/answer session to reinforce and cross-pollinate the knowledge absorption to date before continuing. There will be free pizza and snacks. :)

The training: I am guessing around five hours covering all sorts of things like: how to buy and sell on trading sites, various strategies and all the things that would take you a year to learn on your own. A copy of the presentation would given to the participants to leave with. The five hours would consist of what any of us crypto-nerds could share after a year or two of getting our butts kicked. You probably have your own curriculum bouncing around your head right now as a running dialogue if you are like me - a few years and many lumps into this journey.

My thought is that the groups could stay together - virtually, or otherwise - to share amongst themselves if needed, to grow in their knowledge and push the model forward to other groups, each the seed for ten or more people to learn and grow. Why would they want to? Well, they did promise but also, I believe, the best way to learn is to teach, don't you agree?

So I am curious about this concept and here's how you can help for phase one: I would love to hear your response to the following quesions: WOULD YOU DO IT? WOULD YOU BE CURIOUS TO GET THE TRAINING AND AGREE TO PAY IT FORWARD?

Now, you are probably thinking, "yeah have free training, you and everybody else". But the difference here is I am actively looking for people outside of the twitter-verse, the non-crypto-savvy, the not already up-and-holding crowd. People that never heard of the term "bitcoin". People that have no idea. You, being a steemit person, probably know all about crypto currency and are already getting pummeled with offers to "learn" and "join my training" etc. Facebook ads automatically sense your trail and slap you silly with the plugs. BUT - what about the starving mom that works in the grocery store, struggling to raise three kids as she stocks shelves all day? What if I reached out to her? Do you think she would be interested in free training? I don't expect her to drop everything and run out and help someone else right away, but in time. If she achieved some success, some financial stability, some sense of hope that she could make it through the next day without worrying about the future, if she could; I would imagine she would.

Actually, would I really care if she could not?

I don't think so.

I would be thrilled that I could help her.

This is a hard working person, so deserving of a bailout. A good person. How rich would I be if I could help such a person? How grateful would I be for that opportunity to lift someone up like that? This excites me. I am hoping that others will feel this feeling and start to reach out to those around us. Maybe you will want to take the training because you like this idea? Please do!

ALSO: The way I look at it is, "you live in my town? then you are one of my people". This is where our country becomes great. One on one. Making our town great by uniting and caring about every single one among us.

Then widen back. From one neighborhood to the next. Then one town to the next. Then one state to the next. Then one country to the next. Each caring about the needs of the least among us. All of us getting together to put the struggling individual back on his or her feet. A good old fashion barn raising! The sweat of the many crushing the problems of the neediest. How rich would we all be? How good would we sleep at night?

Join me, and start here, right now. How does this strike you? So many barns need to be raised on this planet. So many people need to be lifted back up so that they can in turn pay it forward, helping the next fallen person, village, town, country.

We are one. Let's start acting like we know this. Ok?

Please comment below.



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Great iniciative guys..Keep it up.👍👍

i want to be get trained. but i am totally beigenner.

Yes, I'd be very interested in something like this and paying it forward is my middle name.

Also I'm your perfect candidate, single mum who could really do with the extra moolah ;)

There is a very big gray area between the total newbies and the well initiated. I am in that gray area.

I have tried to gain a good solid understanding of bitcoin and crypto currency by reading, but I always just give up after trying to wade through the terminology and mathematics and just go back to contributing content and upvoting or re-steemng content that I like.

I would love a great training. One for creative propeller heads, not techno propeller heads. Best of all, I would love a recorded, self-paced class. Maybe that would work better than setting up rooms of 10 in the same physical space?

And yes, I would certainly pay it forward to the best of my ability!