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Hello guys!

As I wrote earlier, in my humble opinion, Bitcoin now has a downtrend and is heading into a bear market... But what can we do? Sell low and forget about lovely Crypto? NO!

I finally found a wonderful way to make money on Bitcoin's collapse! It is Short-selling.

But never use Forex dealers please! They has incredible huge spreads, swaps and large commissions. Also they do not have a real cryptocurrency, of course.

Some info: Investors can make gains in a bear market by short selling. This technique involves selling borrowed cryptos and buying them back at lower prices. A short seller must borrow the crypto from an exchange before a short-sell order is placed. The short seller’s profit amount is the difference between the price at which the cryptos were sold and the price at which they were bought back, referred to as "covered." For example, an investor shorts 1 BTC at $11500. The price falls and the BTC are covered at $8500. The investor pockets a profit of $3,000 from each Bitcoin.

Unfortunately, almost no one provides Bitcoin for sale, except for a couple of the most courageous exchanges. But I found the best way:

2018-01-27_04-48-32 (2).png

Detailed instructions how to make money on the fall of the cryptocurrency:

  • Go to Bitshares blockchain exchange

  • Register your account and deposit any coins (I advise you to use ETH, LTC or BTC).

  • Exchange your crypto to BTS.

  • Borrow for your amount of BTS their derivative "bitBTC" which tracks the real value of 1 Bitcoin.

  • Sell it for BTS (it is the most liquid asset there).

  • Buy back Bitcoins (bitBTC) cheaper after the collapse.

  • Return the debt (bitBTC) and some commission.

  • Get profit!

You also need to make it as safe as you can.

2018-01-27_05-18-26 (2).png

You can adjust margin ratio at any time from Dashboard.

2018-01-27_05-14-33 (2).png

P.S.: You can get a double profit if the BTS will grow or at least not fall along with the rest of the bear market! Good luck!

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That’s a little bit more risky yet potentially highly profitable path to take. You could get margin called very fast if your borrowing in BTC in Bitshares. Most stick to bitUSD or bitCNY which is a static baseline to work against. Borrow and hold bitusd if you think BTS will fall, borrow bitUSD and buy BTS if you think it will rise. Both cases, you are aiming to get more BTS for your stash.


nice idea! need to think more about this strategy and how we can include Bitcoin in it


Really enthusiast about BTS project and love the margin feature, though I can't find a way to close it (settlement). Any help much appreciated !!! @medvedus @britcoins!

So here are my 3 screenshots: Initially I had a BTS balance approx. equivalent of the margin position today, and I'm just trying to get the BTS back. I'm probably missing something.

Why should I add bitUSD to my balance as asked, since I just want my BTS back... ?
Even if I lost that amount of $50, why is it not deducted automatically from my BTS position in the margin..?

Thanks for your time !




If you do not want hadace with BTS, just short it on forex:

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yes, this is correct link for those who do not know what a bear market is ;)

The only thing is if BTC price drops, it could also make BTS price drop too which means no profit.


be fast! :) Short-selling is not easy, yes.. If you know better method - tell me plz :)

Nice post :) i'm also chasing BTS/BitUSD and sell BTS when its high and borrow Bitusd when BTS is low. The same game :)

Hope you make alot!


yes, very same :) thanks

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just buy bitcoin at every dip and hold


and sell for $3

I don't understand any of this marginal and bare markets.
Any steem post out there that teach this kind of things to noobs? Be really cool way to get upvotes.


its easy - bear market = all prices falling everytime

@medvedus you were flagged by a worthless gang of trolls, so, I gave you an upvote to counteract it! Enjoy!!