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Over on @veryspider's Prologue to Dr Ket? spodey and I had this amusing conversation where if the talking cat in her pic had done to me what it did to the boy it would have gotten a very different reaction. I'm pretty hopeless in the morning and reckoned it would take me at least an hour to register the fact that cats generally don't speak human languages (though there are some that can do sign) and also I currently don't have any cats XD

Then seeing as I haven't done any shenanigans for a long time (there are some from last year that I really should have posted at the time but there were so many things people were determining to be shitposts that I wasn't sure if they would be counted as shitposts) I decided to comic it.


Sorry for any random stray inky bits, Krita and Windows apparently don't get on and it had gotten to a point where either I had working pressure sensitivity or working shortcuts but for whatever reason it decided it was impossible to do a basic thing like having everything working like it was supposed to. So basically I had to use touch for navigation and didn't have something I could use for a drawing glove. Also sorry for the misspelling of "defrost", I didn't notice til after I'd uploaded and uploading took so long I don't want to do it again :S

Windows 10 has single-handedly made me decide against saving up for a MobileStudio Pro. I hate it.

Also sorry for the dearth of comments, I'm in the land of glacial internet for another week being sociable and active most days and trying to cram in work and hang out with my sister at nights XD

Thanks for looking! ^_^

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ǝɹǝɥ sɐʍ ɹoʇɐɹnƆ pɐW ǝɥ┴

Thank you for madly curating 😄

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Gehehehe... this is awesome fyn. You should do more funny strips like this one, and I think maybe even put it to Comedy Open Mic? More people need to see and appreciate your sense of humour :D.

Shenanigans are usually triggered by something, I can’t produce them on demand 😵 and I think comedy open mic has themes and deadlines, which are both things that make me run screaming 😅

But if people like them I’ll try to do more. Thanks 😄

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Ohoho chicken necks are the hidden gems of chickens! Those ungrateful felines don't deserve it! They always manage to get into places they're not supposed to be in, don't they? Sorry to hear about the Windows woes. I've been using Windows again because of work so I know exactly how you feel about it not working amicably with some apps.

My cats and small dog love chicken necks 🤣 or at least one of the cats did, the rest were spoilt and wanted the meat cut up in easy chunks but I’m awful and made them work 🤣

Yes, yes they do!

I think it’s just me, everyone else claims it works fine for them except the few that don’t but no one else can replicate 😖

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omg this is so precious XD

ryry <3 you are amazing <3 The faces are so expressive and wonderful ! That final face of fyn with the two round eyes XD XD XD

and the cat's happyhappy smiles <3

I love it, fyn! You are amazing :D

😆 glad you approve (seeing as it’s your talking cat character and all) 😄

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Life brings us interesting challenges!

I don’t know if I find fighting with windows an interesting challenge 😆

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Hahaha, you turn an ordinary daily activity into a funny and interesting comic! I'd love to see more of this sort of thing from you, if you plan on making more that is. Maybe next time you should make a short comic like this about your Windows problem.

Haven’t had to feed a cat for a while. Got two moving in soon though 😄

A windows comic would basically just be anime ball of fury 🤣

Thanks 😄 as I said earlier I need to get triggered into these things, I’ll definitely try to set aside time to do more!

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Wonderful and hilarious and 'chicken necks' that was my best part.

I actually feed my dog chicken thighs as his main food source ( I don't trust our processed dog food in USA) but Puss would never eat it, she just loved her gross store bought tinned cat food, go figure.

She talked to me more telepathically I think ;)

Thanks! 😄

Mine have a meat diet. The cats did try to be fussy but it didn’t last long (it was either eat what was there or go hungry). I recently read an article about a pet food company that makes pet food out of maggots and apparently that’s what we should be feeding them for environmental reasons (and probably eating ourselves too?) 😆

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