How I Prepared for the Super Shemitah Collapse That Hasn't Happened...yet

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I spent the entirety of 2016 sitting around playing video games and waiting for the know that big Super Shemitah Jubilee Year thing that was supposed to happen before the election?

Alas the Shemitah came and went and we are now left waiting for the world monetary system to implode so that our gold, silver, and bitcoin investments can skyrocket allowing us to go crazy with hookers and cocaine.

In preparation for the big event I focused on improving my life in three key areas:

I gathered up about 6 months worth of dry food for one person.

Dry Beans
Canned chilli
A bunch of Spam (walmart brand…I think it’s called Holliday Park or something)
Also whatever was on sale and had a good shelf life.

Word of warning…make sure you get stuff you will actually eat so you can rotate stock in the event the collapse doesn’t happen.

Financially I went full tin foil hat conspiracy theorist
I racked up my credit cards to the max and then stopped paying them cause, the collapse was gonna wipe out all paper wealth anyway.

With my savings and Credit cards I bought a bunch of:
1oz Silver Coins
1oz Gold Coins
Cash (in my possession NOT in a bank account)

I don’t recommend walking away from your Credit Cards unless you are ready to deal with the consequences. I am pretty off grid and anonymous so creditors can’t get to me.

Be a ghost - I created an off grid lifestyle as best I could so I would be very hard to find.
I rent a basement suite where the land lord pays for all the utilities including internet and I just pay him cash every month. This means credit collectors, private investigators, cops will have a hard time finding me.

I do need an “official” address so I have a POBOX to use as my for bills, government documents, car insurance etc.

I also subscribe to a VPN (Virtual Private Network) service. It is a must so any websites I visit don’t broadcast my location and lead people directly to me. Don’t believe me? Go to and see where your IP will take someone who has that little number. VPN’s like Vypr vpn and Tunnel Bear cost less than $100 a year for multiple connections. I use it on my phone and tablet as well.

Cell Phone - This one is a bit tricky and is my biggest security risk. The phone company can give your current location to the police or anyone with $50 who knows someone who works at the phone company. All they have to do is ping your phone and see which towers you are connected to.

For the ultra paranoid just go prepaid month to month. If you need a phone number to give out use a service like evoice which is a voicemail service that instantly sends a message to your cell phone when someone calls. If you have to make a call use SKYPE or Google Voice from your cell phone. I am transitioning to this by the end of the year.

Cell Phone tracking is a big topic in an of itself.

I am going to invest in some Security Cameras for monitoring in and outside of my place so I can at least record if someone breaks in. I have been told to hide the DVR so the thief doesn’t just walk off with it.

I also picked up some angle iron I can use to barricade the doors of my place if need be.

For weapons have a couple crow bars laying around but I am not in a country where guns are common so I don’t feel I need one.

If I was in the USA I would have guns hidden in every corner of my house though.

At the end of the day do I feel like I wasted my time getting ready for the Super Shemitah Jubilee Year Implosion? Am I mad at people like Jeff Berwick and other alt-media channels for saying it was going to happen?

No, absolutely not. The collapse of the monetary system is coming sooner rather than later. When I look out into the world and see the insanity of the events taking place:

-The ridiculous election America just had
-John Kerry going to Antarctica on election day and THEN goes to the Vatican to talk to the pope about “you know whats happening"
-Central banks are adopting NIRP and ZIRP policies
-Worldwide war on cash - Like approx 80% of cash in India being rendered useless this year + Gold confiscation is in full swing
-The EU is falling apart what with BrEXIT, FrEXIT and ItaLEAVE
-Mass Censorship by the MSM and governments as they take on “fake news”

The list goes on and on and even though we can’t stop these things from happening we can position ourselves to profit and thrive from the coming chaos.

Let me know what you think in the comment section below and thank you for watching my video. :)

/The Shadow Broker

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