My Entry for Share Your World Contest #3 - Deforestation in Myanmar

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Tell us what the greatest challenge is that your country/ region / cultural group/area where you are currently living is facing in 2018.

This is really something I would like to acknowledge to the world. We are currently facing natural disasters created by our people. My country (Myanmar) was known by teak, jade and ruby. In previous decades Myanmar is a good place to live. Now it is different because they chopped the trees excessively. There is almost no forest in Myanmar. When it is raining, there is no tree or very few trees to absorb the water. This cause the flood in the places that never happen flooding before. As much as I know a lot of cities are suffering because of flood. There are a lot of swamps forest that disappeared so we cannot slow down the cyclone in monsoon season. We are attacked by the cyclone directly because no trees to cover in front of us so we got more damage by cyclone and cause more people are died in cyclone.. Deforestation can cause two more problems. They are global warning and starvation of water. Trees normally absorb green-house gases and emit oxygen. The old man are suffering from heat-stoke year by year. In central myanmar there are many arid regions that turns in desert. They chopped and sold palm trees to china. That makes the global warning worse than ever. Some regions in low part of myanmar are also facing the problems that not getting the enough water in summer. Deforestation cause a lot of problems in myanmar.

Now tell us why or how you think your people will survive or overcome their challenges.

This is natural disaster so we can not solve very easily. It will take time to recover the natural processes. We need to conserve the remaining forests and biodiversity. We need to plant trees more and more. We also need to plant the trees that can grow in swamp to maintain coastal line. We also need to fix the drainage system in the towns and cities. We should also control the water usage. In Thingyan festival we used a lot of water so we also need to fix this habit. There should also create shelters or resting places for oldies in summer to stay away from heat. We should also make cyclone shelter in the towns of the lower part of myanmar.

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It's one of the greatest challenges in our country but others remain.😢
It is like the following song --

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Nice sharing bro,thanks


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