Share your world contest n ° 3: VENEZUELAN EXODUS

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¡Hello friends!
I love the opportunity offered by our friend @reonlouw to sponsor a contest in which we must tell you what is the biggest challenge in your country and how or why your people will survive or overcome their challenges.

If you want to participate, enter here: competition


I am from Venezuela, and our biggest challenge at this time is world domination.
We have many problems that its root is political, there is dissatisfaction with the government and this has unleashed many challenges for our beautiful country, but I want to focus on the issue of Venezuelan Exodus.

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It hurts so much to see and live as young people, professionals, entire families leave the country in search of a better future.
It is painful to see and live as couples end, parents say goodbye to their children. Children who have to be small are separated from their parents.
All because in their country They do not feel and do not find the way to grow, to evolve.
We live in a constant struggle, Surviving a tremendous crisis, Which has wreaked havoc on society.
I have many friends and family who have taken the hard, cruel and difficult decision to leave Venezuela, a beautiful country, with a divine climate, with wonderful people where in any corner or "Cola" they give you a smile, we have beaches, mountains, deserts, natural resources a lot, and they decide to leave.
Despite the pain they make and the emptiness they leave, knowing that there is a terrible xenophobia against Venezuelans, of course many have found in other countries the necessary support to grow and help their loved ones.
I take the Exodus as the biggest challenge because firing a family member, a friend is something very painful, because facing the possibility that you should leave is not easy.
Exodus is a problem that fractures society, prepared people, valuable leaves empty jobs. The psychological damage in children who are growing up without their parents, the pain of parents who say goodbye to their children and then do not know about them, that pain of not being sure of what the children live is something that wilts any human being.

¿How can we survive or overcome this challenge?

Praying and asking God for mercy. He alone has the power and the solution.

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Only asking God to help us, to enlighten and clarify the minds of the rulers, of those who can provide social and economic security for our people to return.
Ask God so that the damage caused in our people heals.
Nothing is impossible for God, there is no challenge or evil that we can not overcome.
I know that soon many will return to this country, families will meet and this nightmare that we live today will be part of our past.

I want to thank in this space for those who have received our Venezuelan brothers with a lot of love, offering them security and offering a helping hand.

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Very touching story about your country. Bad governnance has always been the problem of many country resulting to migration of citizens to finding greener pasture. I wish your country the very best in the future ....@fisherman

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