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Close-ups of the new golden Pietà: Experimenting with patina-like acrylic textures on top of 24 carat gold leaf.

#share2steem #art #painting #surrealism #gric #petergric #illustration #traditionalart #architecture #artist #fineartist #acrylic #airbrush #conceptart


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Nice work!

Thanks for sharing
Keep Steem on 💪

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Wow that is beautiful! I have always really loved the gold leaf halo circles around the heads of eastern orthodox iconography. I love the marriage of that feel here with the trappings of sci-fi

Thanks @carlgnash!

Love the way you make art.

Thanks @bidesign!


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A very nice textured look; Did this create the effect you desired?

Thanks @twirble! There is always a certain level of randomness with these textures, but all in all that's what I wanted.

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Mein Lieblingswerk!!!! :-D

Even without the gold patina the drawing/painting is fabulous. The gold certainly adds that something else though. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎

🎉 Congratulations @gric! 👏, your amazing Artwork has been selected to be featured in my curation post.