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✍🏻 Self-Publishing Publish0x Platform Review

I am always on Medium and Steemit. So I am excited to have found another platform where writers get paid for publishing articles. Publish0x is like a mix of Medium and Steemit. What I found unique about Publish0x though is that they consider themselves to be a “crypto agnostic publishing platform”, where both authors and readers are rewarded. It is the only self-publishing platform I have ever seen where you don’t have to be an author to earn. You can earn just by reading. That kind of blew my mind. 😲

Anyways, the process I went through to get approved to be a writer was pretty easy. I only had to answer a couple questions, include a link to my Steemit/Medium blog, and I got approved overnight. Since then I have been cross publishing all my Steemit/Medium articles on there!


Publish0x Tipping Bar

Tipping (upvote, liking) is free. All the tips come from a rewards pool of BNTY tokens (an ERC-20 token) provided by Publish0x.

The tipping function allows you to choose how much of it you want to give to the author and how much of it you want to give to yourself for reading the article, like a curation tip. You can adjust the scale for each post to dole out the tip percentage anywhere from 80/20 author/yourself all the way to the complete opposite, 80/20 yourself/author.

I’ve never seen a system like this, where the reader can make more than the writer? But after giving it some thought, it makes sense. Readers are just as important as the authors. If no one reads the writer’s article it is worthless. Readers are just as valuable as authors. This platform assigns equal value to both.

You can only tip once every 10 minutes and the same author once every 24 hours, so no shenanigans. 🤪

🥳 Positives

  • Writers and readers earn.
  • Free, no paywall unlike Medium.
  • Getting paid in crypto. 💰
  • Live pop up in-browser notifications of users tipping each other, including when someone tips you. (It’s good now as the community is still growing but it might be too much when there are more users.)
  • Fast and light interface.
  • No bots 🚫🤖unlike Steemit so all the content and comments are real people!

🤨 Negatives

  • Can’t see how many followers I have or if I even have followers?
  • If I don’t have the browser open and miss the live notifications of the tips, the platform doesn’t display any kind of past history of who tipped me or if someone replies to my comment.
  • Search function doesn’t work well at all.
  • No mobile app yet.

Overall, the platform is great to use. I am happy to be have another avenue to earn on my article as well as to have found another writers’ community. Publish0x is still in beta, it will be interesting to see how it develops.

Send me a message if you join Publish0x via my referral link so I can “Follow” you on there!


Christine Look

Crypto Influencer. Badminton and pickleball athlete. lookbun.com


What’s a pickle ball?

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Hey! Great post! Will definitely check it out :)
On the same note, I just released my personal website https://raulbutuc.net and I've got a blog over there as well (just 2 articles so far but will be updating regularly) https://raulbutuc.net/blog in case any of you would like to check it out (no obligations).

Cheers and have a brilliant day!

Thanks for telling us about this! I can’t wait to try it out

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Yay! 🤗

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Tips from your account don't have more or less “voting power” than tips made from an account holding more of “xyz” token (in case of Steemit, more of STEEM).

Uhm... pretty interesting perspective. Let's give to this a try just to see how this unique 'feature' works out in comparison to the Steem philosophy. };)

I´m in, thanks for letting me know, I was waiting for it, but forgot to check it.

I´ve been supporting their project for more than a year now, so it´s time for me to go test their platform :D

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Your referral link seems like not working

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Just tested it, should be working!
What error do you get?

I just registered using your link, see if you have a new referral?

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Yes! 👍🏻😀

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Oh so the link works, great!

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Hi, Igor from Publish0x here. I've looked into the link posted in this article and in Christine's account, and all looks good, referrals are added.

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I just created an account. How long does it take to get my publisher account approved?

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Hi, Igor from Publish0x here. You have to apply to be an author, and we approve applications within 24 hours (usually much sooner).

Hi christinelook !

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Thanks for the information. I joined. Hope to see great things with this. Question- can we post duplicates from our steemit posts?

@beccadeals 🤗 looking forward to reading your posts. Yes, you can repost your Steemit posts on there!

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Great thank you for letting me know.

thanks for sharing this kind of info