Earning Steem Dollars by sharing instagram,twitter and youtube post through SHARE2STEEM(利用SHARE2STEEM把您的Instagram,twitter,youtube文章赚取steem 币)

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Last weeks, I saw a post regarding #share2steem initiative that can using your instagram. twitter and youtube feed to be featured on steemit account once you are tagging #share2steem in your post. At first I never thinking to try it as for me maybe this will make my steemit feed bit messy with instagram photo.

上个星期我看见了#share2steem的这个项目,简单来说就是把instagram,twitter,和youtube的文章直接连接到steemit。方法很简单,就是当然你写文章时一定要标签 #share2steem,那么文章就直接连接到你的账户。起初我并没想过要用因为对我来说可能会直接影响我的账号的整齐。

But once I think again, nope... I must use this initiative.. This the time for me to prove that we can earn crypto in steemit through major social media. By this we can prove that our content can really earn crypto and can really exchange it to real cash. For me, I will recommended people to use this because we will posting in social media anyway, why not just add one simple step and earn some side incomes?

Really thanks to @algo.coder and @sebbbl for initiate this platform and make it happened. It is truly the best way to bring more steemit users. cheers for that.



So few days ago I just started to post in #share2steem. But before you do that you need to do few steps to connect your account to #share2steem websites. Next I will teach you step by step to do this.


1. head to https://share2steem.com/ and you will get this front page view. Then for existing member kindly proceed login.

1. 大家可以直接浏览https://share2steem.com/ 然后以下就是主页面。若你是steemit会员,就如往常直接登陆。

2. next, as usual you need to login using your ID and active key

2. 接下来就一如往常,您需要先使用你的账户和密码登录

3. Now, you need to choose which account that you need to link to. Next I will using instagram to demonstrate to you

3. 接下来你就要选择使用什么平台发你的文章。那么我会用instagram向你示范之后的步骤

4. Once you click the instagram logo, you need to enter your instagram ID then verified click check account. Once your account is connected, you are ready to use it. But must make sure your instagram is setting to public or else it will not reflect at steemit account.

4. 当你点击了Instagram的表之后,你就需要把你的Instagram账号输入然后点击检查账号。当你的账号吻合后就会直接连接到steemit,这时候你就可以开始使用了。但是你要记得把你的Instagram账号设为公开,若没有公开的话你的文章不会出现在steemit。

5. Next I will show you what I post in instagram and steemit feed.

5. 接下来就让大家看我在Instagram和steemit的文章连贯。很神奇吧

WeChat Image_20181021154218.jpg

WeChat Image_20181021154219.jpg

Hopefully by this initiative, more and more steemians will be on board to steemit and started their journey to earn crypto.


cheers and steem on

Who am I:

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  • hoping can be traveller soon

  • location: Malaysia Borneo (Sabah)

  • I blog about dance, hip hop music, movie and others steemit related post

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