As The Edits Morphed 🎨 Shadow Photo Contest

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Natural sunlight had come
through the window one day.

The large dieffenbachia
leaves made for a big
horse head.
There is also a small horse
figurine off to the side.

Adding the weave edit
and some of my
favorite colors.

Most edits were done
with paint shop pro's
ancient version.

Other effects made
with Lunapic


Water ripple and
kaleidoscope made
with lunapic.


There go the shadows
making geometry patterns.


🔼 Original photo above!


Weave before colors.


Wait For It!

10 other photo edits
in one gif.


Double clicking the
photos enlarges them
to see better.



Awesome #shadowphoto
contest by 💕 @melinda010100

Round 66 • Edited Shadows



Support for @melinda010100's
Curie Community Building application!



Photos & Words by @shasta April 24th 2019 10:20 PM O'rock Alaska

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I like that the horse has even got two ears on his head pretty cool shadow !!


Thank you @bigsambucca! :-)
It kinda reminded me of one them
kids stick horse heads lol


I remember them my sister had one she loved it !!

Thats a lovely colorful shadow edit! You entire post is wonderfully colorful! Thanks so much for all your support! Resteeming!


Thank you so very much @melinda010100! :-)
I had fun with this one and the more I made
the more my eyes popped wondering which
one to use for the one! lol

These are fantastic! Good luck in the contest.


Thank you very much @kunschj! :-)
Good luck to you also and congratulations!


You're welcome @shasta. have a great weekend!

I love your edits, man. This one is exceptional!!! Especially the 10-in-1. Probably your best one yet, in my opinion! I could see some of these framed and sold at a store.


Wow thank you so much @bitfiend for your
awesome compliment comment! :-)
I was quite blow away at the different ones!
Might have to find some printer ink lol
This will be it for tops, can't top it haha

haha! howdy shasta! I would say you got too much time on your hands but I'm glad you spent it working on this because it's so good! lol. great job.


Good evening and thank you @janton! :-)

Is that where it's at?
On my hands!! lol



haha! that's where it's at! strange, I know! lol.