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All these colorful shadows are great! congratulations for the winners.Shadowsphoto round just so much fun! Thanks so much @melinda010100 @curie for 2 steem !

Wowowo no way i won with boozzz hahahah thank you so much dear i love it makes my post op pain more do-able

I was hoping this would cheer you up! I've meant to get over to your blog all day to see how you are doing and I've been up to my ears in Shadows all day!

Congratulations 🎉 to all the awesome colorful shadow winners!!
Thank you so very much 💕 @melinda010100! and ❤ @curie! :-)

This was a fun week! Congrats to you!

Thank you ❤ @kheys! Congratulations to you also! :-)

Hello :D
Congratulations to the winners...!!!!
Thank You
Thank You
The Super Ball is now missing. Bruce has rolled it somewhere out of sight 🤔..?

Glad you have this wonderful photo to remember it by! You may never see it again.

It's here somewhere...!!!🤷‍♀️!!!!??
Could be awhile before I find it truly..
:D I wouldn't be surprised if Bruce knows where it is... He would deliberately keep me in suspense...just saying..!

Congratulations to the winners and all the participants. Thank you so much, @melinda010100, for choosing my photo. I'm pleasantly surprised! You just made my day. :) Thank you @curie.

I really liked all of your colorful shadow photos this week! Congrats to you!

The creativity in finding all these amazing shadow shots is so cool, congrats to the winners

I am constantly amazed every week! I bet you can find a lamppost shadow this week!

Me to I always enjoy seeing the winners post, and yes no shortage of lamposts in the city so I have no excuse for not entering other than forgetfulness but i will try to remember ;)
Have a great weekend ;)

I do understand! There are not enough hours in the day to be doing all the things that I would like to do here.

Yes true but I also go on walks around the city every work day and lamposts are for sure not in short supply, so this week I really do not have an excuse lOL

excellent pictures

Aren't they great?

Thank you so much @melinda010100 and @curie!! Congratulations to all the winners..terrific colorful shadows!!

My pleasure and congrats to you!

Woo hoo! Thank you so much, Melinda.. I really appreciate it!

Beautiful entries.. I especially like the marbles! I was originally thinking stained glass would work well, but didn't come across any.. The sunglasses worked pretty well though!

Thanks again, @melinda010100!!!

My pleasure! Thanks for supporting the contest!

Excellent colorful shadows.. Congratulations all winners especially @olivia08.. Congrats te

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Thanks so much! I really appreciate all the support that you give to the contest.

Thank you, cin

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My happiness and pleasure for the win of 2 steem from you @melinda010100 and @curie Thank you so much and congratulations to all winner.

Great Shadow hunting this week! Congrats!

Thank you for choosing it Ma'am.

Howdy Melinda! Oh these are wonderful! lol. Congratulations to everyone!

Congratulations to all the winners! Great shadowphoto.

Wow, how creative these shadows are. Well done and congrats to the winners!

This was a really fun week! I really enjoyed seeing all of the colorful entries!

What a great collection of wonderful colorful shadows! Congratulations to all of the winners! And of course... thank you @melinda010100 for the constant "way cool" shadow contests, and @curie for adding value and positive energy to this initiative!

It was fun to see all the colorful shadows this week, and as always, really difficult to only choose 10 winners! Thanks so much for your support of the contest.


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So many nice shadow pictures ^^ .. thats a cool contest you have there ;)

It is fun! Come join in anytime. This week is lamppost shadows.

Fantastic! What colorful shadows!
Thank you my dear @melinda010100

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Thanks so much! 😘

Congratulations to all the winners.

All the shadows are fantastic and colorful. I have one but am not sure when you will have a category for it.

Would you like to host one week and you can use your photo as a sample and choose the topic? The hardest part is picking the winners.

Wow... oh.
Should I send you my photo? It is a shadow at of a basketball hoop. lol.
It looks better than it sounds. It is the whole thing.
Off for shots at the vet with Max be around later. Do you already have a category. How do I host? Sounds fun... people don't respond to me like you. @melinda010100

Sounds like we could do a sports shadow theme! I love it. Send it to my email melinda. [email protected] We can talk more there!

Thanks @melinda010100 I just on later today..
:) yay!

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