My entry :-)


o-ooo, googly eyes!!!


Bang, I did it again... I just resteemed your post!
Week 4 of my contest just started...check it out!
Pixresteemer is also listed as promoter on The Steemians Directory

I was like what I see hear 😋👍📷

Hope to see an entry from you this week!

I try think something out 😋

We must come to the kitchen with a flashlight at night... :-))

That would do it... Or wait for a sunny day and take the kitchen things outdoors!

Then I have to guard them )))

Ha! You'll figure it out!

Oh yeah! :-)))

Or wait for a sunny day and take the kitchen things outdoors!

almost impossible thing for us here...
happily I did some shadow supplies thru the summer!

😂😂😂 You have a great cooking shadow photo!

Same here the kitchen is dark, not even a window. I doubt I can join this one.

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A flashlight can replace the moonlight from a window :-)))

I will see it that gives a shadow. I doubt it since each time I try to make a photo of what is cooking I have just black. Last night my youngest had to lift her plate above her head clise to a lamp so I could make a picture with flash.
🤔 Happy Monday. 👍💕

a lot depends on shutter speed, ISO, aperture. If you use a flash, then to get the shadow, it should be located on the side. Lighting is always there, even on a dark night. The whole point in the settings of your camera :-)
have a happy week! :-))

you may use a candle! :)

Flashlights help make shadows!

If I use my flashlight the shadows are gone. I had some great one of my pots and pans on the stove on my tiles but no matter what I tried I could not catch them. ☹ If I use no flashlight the photo is black although there was light. I need to practise more.

Thanks. Have a great Saturday. 💕

Good luck! I saw someone say they used a desk lamp to create shadows. I've had my daughter hold her phone flashlight to create shadows while I took photos with my phone camera. I hope you get it figured out! @wakeupkitty

It is good to know and now I have something new to practise with. Thank you a lot for the tips. I wish you a great Sunday 👍🏻💕

Good jhob the cooking friends

Thank you! Make a cooking shadows photo and enter the contest!

Great job dear friend

These are really good selection of Cooking Shadows photography. And i am trying to find out some Cooking Shadows. Here is my entry :

Ahahah 😂 cool

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Que sombras tan lindas dan esos utensilios de cocina,el colador de pasta hizo una hermosa sombra amiga,muy util todo,como todas esas cosas alla se pueden adquirir y aqui no tengo nada de eso,es una triste realidad,pero la vida sigue y vere que pasara en este pais,saludos y feliz fin de semana,un abrazo

¡Espero que las cosas mejoren pronto para ti!

I missed for how many days
This is easy, I will make a shadow in my kitchen...

Oh good! Not many entries yet this week. I would love to see one from you!

Howdy Melinda! Another great idea! I've been offline all day, did I miss anything? lol.

I've spent most of my day happily curating so I may have missed things, too!

Oh ok, well there's no one I'd rather be clueless with. lol. Have you heard anything about those injuries Sunday and their seriousness?

We can be clueless together! I don't think any of the injuries are too bad. Toe, hamstring, shoulder, biceps is how they are listed!

Ok, so not season ending injuries it sounds like. Well, sometimes shoulder injuries can take a long time to heal up but I know they have special treatments to speed up healing.

They play on Monday night this week against the Lions.

Ok, what kind of team do the Lions have this year?

They are last in our division, 2-1 and 1 tied game. Other than that I know nothing and have yet to see them play.

Great Cooking Shadows! Thanks for entering!

a mighty one! matches perfectly !! i vote for this =)

That makes a great shadow! Thanks for entering!

Hi Melinda, it's very fun for me.

I am glad you had fun with it! 😊

Thanks for the support, I feel enthusiastic.

oh, so nice!!!! I am hoarding something that matches the subject perfectly, as a kee to the lock. I captured it this summer, and was considering to crop it and ask, if you can get what it is )))))) but probably too hard to decipher. ok, here it is: a wonderful, very puzzle-esque shadow of a kitchen device!
hope you enjoy the shot as I did.


Hahaha! That is a fun cooking shadow, for sure! I am glad you took summertime shadow pictures. You just never know when you can use them! Thanks for entering this one and making me laugh!


Hi @melinda010100, this week I do participate in Cooking Shadows contest and also give a recipe for a traditional Venezuelan dessert.


This is a creative contest,but I am not a chef. Hehe

No actual cooking is required, just the shadows!

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