ShadowPhotoContest round 21 - Kitchen shadows - My entry: Inside of a file (or rasp?)

in shadowphoto •  6 months ago

This is my entry to #shadowphoto contest, initiated by @melinda010100. It's just a simple kitchen tool made of metal with four sides and different holes. It was a bit difficult to take photos inside, then i had to crop the photos and choose the best one.

I have a question to English-speakers: how to call this tool? File or rasp?


About the contest:

The photos are original and taken with Panasonic FZ82.

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Interesting shadows @kaldemandra. I would call it a cheese grater. 😊

' Great ' photo of a grater! Box grater is probably the more specific term. Thanks for joining in the contest! Remember to post your link over on the contest page and upvote to enter!


Thank you! Thanks to Google translator, i wrote a bullshit again! 😂


@kalemandra It's all good! 😀😁😀

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