TheShadowBrokers Monthly Dump Service - July 2017

Another global cyber attack is fitting end for first month of theshadowbrokers dump service. There is much theshadowbrokers can be saying about this but what is point and having not already being said? So to business! Time is still being left to make subscribe and getting June dump. Don’t be let company fall victim to next cyber attack, maybe losing big bonus or maybe price on stock options be going down after attack. June dump service is being great success for theshadowbrokers, many many subscribers, so in July theshadowbrokers is raising price.

TheShadowBrokers July dump is 200 ZEC or 1000 XMR. Using same addresses as June same instructions.

ZEC Address


XMR Addresses


TheShadowBrokers is having special invitation message for “doctor” person theshadowbrokers is meeting on Twitter. “Doctor” person is writing ugly tweets to theshadowbrokers not unusual but “doctor” person is living in Hawaii and is sounding knowledgeable about theequationgroup. Then “doctor” person is deleting ugly tweets, maybe too much drinking and tweeting? Is very strange, so theshadowbrokers is doing some digging. TheShadowBrokers is thinking “doctor” person is former EquationGroup developer who built many tools and hacked organization in China. TheShadowBrokers is thinking “doctor” person is co-founder of new security company and is having much venture capital. TheShadowBrokers is hoping “doctor” person is deciding to subscribe to dump service in July. If theshadowbrokers is not seeing subscription payment with corporate email address of [email protected] then theshadowbrokers might be taking tweets personally and dumping data of “doctor” persons hacks of China with real id and security company name. TheShadowBrokers is thinking this outcome may be having negative financial impact on new security companies international sales, so hoping “doctor” person and security company is making smart choice and subscribe. But is being “doctor” persons choice. Is not being smart choice to be making ugly tweets with enough personal information to DOX self AND being former equation group AND being co-founder of security company.

TheShadowBrokers is announcing VIP Service. What is VIP Service? For months many peoples is messaging theshadowbrokers...Do you have X or Y vulnerability? Will you hack X or Y for me? Do you have intel on X or Y organization? Do you have intel on my organization? Have I been hacked? In past theshadowbrokers is not taking request or providing individual services. This changes with VIP Service. For one time payment of 400 ZEC you getting theshadowbrokers VIP attention. VIP Service is no guarantee of future good or services, negotiation for those is being separate. Haters will be saying this is joke, not serious, who will be paying just to talk to theshadowbrokers? Some party is already paying where do you think theshadowbrokers is getting idea.

ZEC address for VIP Service, include email for contact in memo.


Last theshadowbrokers is including mystery gift. Mystery gift is mystery to theshadowbrokers as well. Some peoples is sending small payment with hidden service url. TheShadowBrokers is not visiting url so no idea what it is. Could be good. Could be bad. Could be nothing. TheShadowBrokers is having too many enemies with to many resources to be finding out. But be enjoying at own risk. Smelling hidden service FBI hackish.



They make such a cryptic posts and still bring to steemit thousands of views... Good this or bad?

they write like this to prevent algorithms from scouring the internet for similar writing styles.

these guys are the real deal

that onion is probably rotton. but so curious


Exactly...working the steemit system I guess?????my head may be spinning but my feet are still on the ground.

I thought something was strange about the writing style, and that makes sense now why they would do that. Good point, your eyes are def open.

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No worries. Please join - this is STEEMS 24/7 live radio + chat service - if you want some tips I would be happy to give you some friendly advice. Just find me in SteemSpeak. Download the app from and create an account. I will continue to support your efforts in Africa. Would you consider creating video documentation of your efforts over there? - I am sure the Steem Community would love to watch what you all are doing there.

Looking forward to collaborating further on SteemSpeak.

Hi there thejohalfiles. How you make so much steem on here just from upvoting and comments ? any tips ,secrets you can share with me ?

SteemPower is almost like hashpower. The more SP you have, the more effective your STEEM account is at generating rewards from you mining good content on the blockchain. If you find a piece of good content that is going to be upvoted by many others in the future ...and mine it first (upvote it first) you will receive the most rewards. - use to manage your voting power(mining fuel). Think about this as the fuel or your energy that is needed to power your STEEM accounts voting power so you can mine/upvote effectively. Always keep it above 50% and find your sweet spot with your voting weight in order to do that. My account is almost always near 100% and I mine/vote all day/night.

This info is really helpful to me. @thejohalfiles, I've downloaded and registered at, how do I find you?

what is your username? Say something in General chat or post your user name here.

I see. Thanks , but hasnt it got to be after 15mins of the creation of the post and within 30 mins max for the rewards. I think thats what i read somewhere

THank you for the info, great insight......

You have explained this the best and now I understand it. Thank you!

I think I've up voted a bit too much 30 odd for last day or so and my voting power down to around 46 I'll wait for it to boost up a bit I think

Wish I could make it to 1m steem power some day lol Is it best to limit the number of up votes and comments to a set daily amount or anything?

I have plans on making a video on that . I'm much grateful for this information. I'll go to the page and download the app. You will be the first to know when the video is documented. Once again s new post is available on my blog. Thanks


menuda pandilla, no me gusta nada este articulo

Thanks for sharing on such new things.I have never heard yhe shadowbroker before and thanks for introducing the new things to me as I am not so knowledgeable in the cyber security.I hope that you can comtinue to share something about cyber security to me to prevent the hackers and spams on

This post is cryptic just to get people to comment on it, it has no actual value

I see you don't know who the Shadow Brokers are. Perhaps checking on who originally released the NSA exploits into the wild might inform you?

Baraaabooom! Very interesting comment saying it has no actual value. Little knowledge is truly dangerous.

I am trying to understand what this is about? Can you explain in short baby language for me please? Or anyone else here who can explain?

they're hackers who are offering 'protection' (and access to philes) for payment.

Need access to files of 1st ralos in asu and aisyalam.

Perhaps the shadow knows. I don't.

I'm wondering what Steemits think - are these cyber-attacks the new version of false-flags (designed to decrease mainstream trust in the crypto world) or are they genuine hackers?

Difficult to say from that particular angle, personally I suspect they are simply using the simplest way of acquiring money which can then be readily laundered. At this point, I'm not really sure that cryptocurrencies could be much more vilified in the press; I mean, last night One News in NZ had it as being primarily used by "Child Pornographers, Criminals, and Organised Crime," which, quite frankly, is a sign that the writer of the piece had no idea what they were talking about.

I didnt see that One News story but that writer is not a reflection of all us kiwi's downunder. Probably was some recorded script that gets passed round the news circuit.

Im sure everything is a false flag attack planned by the elites to censor the internet...

I dont think you can ever be sure

Very cool post, I can learn a lot of new things from you :D

ChatGPT: This post appears to be from a user named theshadowbrokers on the Steemit platform, discussing a response to someone named DrWolfff, who is possibly associated with a company called DarkMatter. The post includes accusations and insults directed at DrWolfff and another individual named Jake, who is referred to as "MalwareMediaWhoreJake." The post also mentions the Equation Group and makes references to the US intelligence community, as well as the Matrix movie. The post is six years old, and the comments suggest that readers found the post to be humorous.

Postnya very useful and hope you are lucky for future in this steemit :)
But do not forget the upvote on my blog too :D

So true, you need to be under cover to avoid such threats.

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These guys must be very carefull, if someone finds them they are just die.

I hate when I are just die. Every time I arejustdie it makes seeds come out of my shins. 🐲🥀🍄

bahahaha seed shins!

Damn my english is trash xD

and whats gonna be the solution for all this?

If i cant afford the 400 ZEC and I a small time but jut want to learn to strengthen my own personal security, can I still donate some ZEC to be on your good side and to help your brand of justice?

Extraordinary articles that you pick up on this day, thanks for sharing my friends

are you talking of credit card fraud?
are these dumps for credit cards?

I'm in the shadows. Can someone shed some light on this? I'm craving a Dr. Pepper now.

I would really like to give the shadow broker a piece of my mind. What does any of this even mean, my mind hurts after reading it

The internet has all the info you need on the matter. Might take some reading, but if you really wanna know stuff, just ask google ;)

Yeah right like you haven't seen Google pushing the really good stuff off the page and just spamming you with wikilies instead.

Here's a tweet from the "Doctor" being mentioned:

drwolfff ⚠️ tweeted @ 28 Jun 2017 - 07:12 UTC

Apparently @shadowbrokerss threatened me in his new post. 1) don't feed trolls. 2) I was never equationgroup. 3) let's meet in vegas

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

may be i will read this all over again, i don't have any idea of what this mean and how it will help.

shadow brokers? Interesting. I need more info

Well if anything, it's really good to see steemit values increasing across the board, all helps the cause dunnit. Plus eastenders isnot on today, so i am grateful for the extra entertainment :)

imagine the chaos that would happen, if all their tools are released to public??

I like your post.
Thanks for sharing this one.

Hi Theshadowbrokers.

I'm your biggest fan. I joined steemit just because you use this as a base and post here first. I search every single day to see if you posted. When ever you speak, I listen intently. Releasing this information about the government to the people is our right as citizens. For far to long the NSA and big govt has been oppressing the people.

Please Theshadowbrokers, keep on doing what you are doing. And release some more free information or tools to the people, the ordinary people don't have the kind of big money you are requesting. Every single tidbit helps us so much.

Thank you.

In the world where security matters, this's a "good to know" kinda thing.

Does anyone want to upvote for upvote?

First I thought this post was in Russian language . It's weird but I like it ..

Just show me the money

I just...yeah...don't even knot where to start. I mean if this is real..i need some work done, but would need a "Hacker for the Common Man" Anyone out there know where the average Joe could get some services?

start with Python.

Indeed. Who are TheShadowBrokers?

More importantly. What do they stand for?

They 're a Ring Of Hackers, who before they started hitting at the government and gaining accesswere usually on the Dark Web. The Shadow Brokers have certainly made a name for themselves do to mainstream media. If you Google TheShadowBrokers it should tell you of their initial moment when they made it public that they were auctioning off Government agencies Cyber Tools.. I guess they didn't have any buyers at first so they just gave it all away to show they were serious, and after that I believe people or a few low key organizations started paying attention.

Thank you kindly for the explanation.

Selling/ giving away cyber tools certainly adds to the coolness factor. I just picked up on what seemed to be a threatening tone in the original post.

thank you for sharing

this is terrifying...

There is gonna be blood on the streets and you need to be buying! Claim what's yours! Gather what's yours! The mice will be bleeding. It will seperate the mice from the men, the pits from the pudles. Go and gather back your grounds, show your flag, put your flag in the ground. Send the re-inforcements out there and put in the buy orders! Green Green Green it's all greeeeen!!!! Followed and Upvoted my Brother, Let's boooom to the mooon

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I thank you.

Wonder if ShadowBrokers is a deep state front organization?

may the hackers be whacked, they have just been the pain of life.....but cannot be eliminated, we need to be cautious.

Thank you, very valuable information.

Thank you very much for this post.

Thank you very much for this post.

One time a message was mailed by some pump station, she was engaged in pampas. Are not they the same guys?

If only I had that much XMR

Interesting, they're offering a discount for using monero instead of zcash – 200 ZEC ($66,540) or 1000 XMR ($45,749). Big difference.

Great topic
I look forward to more topic

This is great.. hope you can apply this in much thing.. I really glad you

take me to the shadow brokers i wanna meet them :)



I exposed him, feel free to check !

You guys seem to know your stuff! You make all the right moves! Bravo! I get a lot ugly tweets from Hawaii & Chicago myself, been that way for while, not good, Lol!

Damn boy you really stuck it to that Doctor!

Love and grattitude!!

bring me along my friend

Go on. Like the way you act. Smart and intelligent.

Excellent post brother, thank you for the information, I would like you to give me your support as I am new to Steemit and my only goal here is to make known to the whole world the situation that is living in my country, Watch my blog as much as you can, God bless you.

what a read...nice info...

I am so confused, this is so cryptic. I want to know more now.. Who are the shadow brokers?

So are we safe in online world???

good post...

I feel like it's too outta this world, I mean shadowbrokers sure but hidden service url. What level of coding are we speaking of here? Even if this is a tactic to mess with them digits, why FBI though? I'm thinking more like NSA. Just my thoughts. Cheers!


I write something a bit realated, maybe not the exact related, but please take a look on my article about governments and blockchain in clash this is my first serious article on steemit I`ve put in it a lot of work:

VIP Service: you should try XD

shadows broker, brakes my heart , but a good sound hahaha

Did they even deliver the last dump? I suspect they did not.

Thanks for sharing, something complex the subject

Thanks for the update. Seems like they are really taking this thing to the extreme. People thought they were jokers... well jokes on them... a force to be reckoned with i guess.

they write like this to prevent algorithms from scouring the internet for similar writing styles.

these guys are the real deal

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lol hey you too i just followed u so do the same ;)

Keeping the circle jerk going. ;-)

No matter the quality. lol

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