Sorry to worry you once more, i realized you were on my blog. I really need your advice on where to invest in crytpocurrencies and steemit posting. Our recruited members so far ask a lot of questions that at times we find difficulty in explaining. I have made a new post for your views and comments. I'd love if you would be my mentor.

No worries. Please join - this is STEEMS 24/7 live radio + chat service - if you want some tips I would be happy to give you some friendly advice. Just find me in SteemSpeak. Download the app from and create an account. I will continue to support your efforts in Africa. Would you consider creating video documentation of your efforts over there? - I am sure the Steem Community would love to watch what you all are doing there.

Looking forward to collaborating further on SteemSpeak.

Hi there thejohalfiles. How you make so much steem on here just from upvoting and comments ? any tips ,secrets you can share with me ?

SteemPower is almost like hashpower. The more SP you have, the more effective your STEEM account is at generating rewards from you mining good content on the blockchain. If you find a piece of good content that is going to be upvoted by many others in the future ...and mine it first (upvote it first) you will receive the most rewards. - use to manage your voting power(mining fuel). Think about this as the fuel or your energy that is needed to power your STEEM accounts voting power so you can mine/upvote effectively. Always keep it above 50% and find your sweet spot with your voting weight in order to do that. My account is almost always near 100% and I mine/vote all day/night.

This info is really helpful to me. @thejohalfiles, I've downloaded and registered at, how do I find you?

what is your username? Say something in General chat or post your user name here.

Username is ortigas100 #8137

Say something in the general chat

I see. Thanks , but hasnt it got to be after 15mins of the creation of the post and within 30 mins max for the rewards. I think thats what i read somewhere

THank you for the info, great insight......

You have explained this the best and now I understand it. Thank you!

I think I've up voted a bit too much 30 odd for last day or so and my voting power down to around 46 I'll wait for it to boost up a bit I think

Wish I could make it to 1m steem power some day lol Is it best to limit the number of up votes and comments to a set daily amount or anything?

I have plans on making a video on that . I'm much grateful for this information. I'll go to the page and download the app. You will be the first to know when the video is documented. Once again s new post is available on my blog. Thanks


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