25 SBD Prize! Final Contest of Tartarus! [Contest]

in shadowbot •  6 months ago

To one of our members, we are about to reward you big time! Not only will you get 25 SBD, but you will also get a bump on your Shadow Rank, 5 points! This is going to be our LAST contest before the next release rolls out (Elysian Fields)!

How to enter

  1. Simply be a ShadowBot Caster (member).
  2. Describe in a new post how ShadowBot changed your Steemian life.
  3. Post the URL to your post below for us to read.
  4. You MUST use the hashtag #shadowbot as your Primary Tag (the first tag).

How to win

We will read your posts and decide who wins. There is no real criteria, just love for our great community! The most moving post will be the winner! Other than the basic 4 rules, just express how you feel!

Happy Steeming all and get ready for the future! #ElysianFields

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How many days left to close this contest?

Congratulations @shadowbot!
Your post was mentioned in the Steemit Hit Parade in the following category:

  • Upvotes - Ranked 7 with 684 upvotes

Can i post tomorrow ?


Yes the contest is valid until this post expires!

How i being a member of shadowbot?

Who won the contest!?

It's been 15 days since this contest was announced. I understand you guys must be busy with all the tech stuff but still we all participants are getting impatient as the results have not been announced yet.

Please tell us when we will get to know who won this content.

Thank you.