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Nice Scam

Difference between payouts

@oricaless payouts

@jonbit payouts

Shadowbot Ranking

@oricaless(9.3) 5 places higher than @jonbit(8.5) in "shared" pool

@oricaless current shadowbot rank


I'm putting this reply in the root level as well, just in case you missed it on the ~300 odd back-and-forth replies:

[in response to @bigdeej claiming that everyone in ShadowBot is happy]

I'm sorry @bigdeej ... but that is a blatant lie. I was a moderator on ShadowBot discord for some time, and almost everyone was upset with the lack of answers and transparency. I recently removed all of my accounts and friends accounts that I manage. Some of these accounts had SP well in excess of 500, and yet a priority of just 0.2 ... FOR MONTHS ... without explanation of exactly HOW they would/IF they ever would move up.

I tried following this thread but (much like my experience with you and @jonbit in person and on discord), your responses are incoherent at worst or off-topic at best and never actually address any questions posed to you.

As for quality posts being rewarded: Another load of BS.

Countless reports of blatant spam have gone ignored and continually rewarded. The newest automated shit-posting accounts have magically gone from 0 to hero in a matter of a few weeks on ShadowBot - most of them without any real SP (some with a fair amount of delegated SP now though - which apparently shouldn't count for anything according to you)... but these accounts obviously either belong to buddies of yours and/or more likely belong to you.

Long story short: @ShadowBot is probably not a scam per se, but is only beneficial to those in the devs' inner circle and/or those who got in on the pyramid early on. EVERYONE ELSE IS GETTING SCREWED!

cc @isacoin / @oricaless

further proof of scamming by @shadowbot devs within the shadowbot group the same as the supposed exploit used to take upwards of $10k SBD over 6 month period that they were informed and presented evedence on after a few weeks yet chose to ignore

We do not owe you shadow rank you earn it.. And just as fast as you earn it we can take it away. IF you want to flag the core team that makes this service exist and think you get to keep your Shadow Rank you must be insane!

You were stealing my money by means of votes on false advertising of a shared pool when in reality you control the votes and pay your team + accounts much higher while everyone else loses

No you are building up with us, you only made a few posts in your lifetime with us. You decided you didn't get enough but you didn't talk to us nor give it a chance. You decided to begin a flagging war which is not fun for anyone.

i brought the issue up multiple times and had opened support tickets and had been waiting a week for a response losing money everyday already ive had 10k delegation for 2 weeks with 1 post paying minimum $2.5 a day in votes to Shadowbot and i had a high ranking = SCAM

You have 10k SP and get $2.50 per post? That is building up! IF you had kept with that or invested in actually owning the SP you would see within a few weeks how that would have built up your Shadow Rank and Pool Priority. Instead you wanted to flag me, call us a scam, and thus we adjusted your Shadow Rank accordingly. I'd be happy to remove my flags and restore you IF you first remove your flags and make a proper post about how things are going. We CAN work together but only if YOU want to!




You contribute to the system which is to EVERYONE in our community not just us.. Over time you will see the rebalance if you stick with us. That is how we avoid abuse and do not charge. We start people off earning less than they give, as we calculate their average over 90 days we begin to adjust their ranks to calculate where they should be. This is why we always tell you to power up and keep it powered up. This greatly helps with your earnings. Calling us a scam when you admit you are earning and if you look over time earning more and more is not a fair statement. If you feel it is then you do not understand our system and should leave. NOT call us a scam, NOT flag my comments and posts.. You have only posted 5 times with us, you do not have enough data/history with us to determine accurately what you should be earning.

We literally are 2 people running all this, we pay for the servers, we pay for the bandwidth, we write the code and do all the support. We are always looking for help. Flagging us is not helping anyone!

hi - so I have been asked to do an independent audit @bigdeej. Wanna hit me up on discord and we can discuss? I'm not taking sides - I'm here to help try resolve this

I do not use discord as it is too easy for people to pretend to be someone else.

EVERYTHING is on the blockchain that @shadowbot and @bigdeej do so it is hard for me to understand that you can't just see how many votes this guy gets from our @shadowbot system. He is just spreading fud! Go search the blockchain that is the real truth!

You started a flag war with the lead developer for no reason. We adjusted your rank accordingly. If you want to call us a scam you can just leave all together. If you know we aren't a scam and want to work with us you can open support tickets for ALL your concerns and begin helping us identify any and all issues that can be fixed.

Looks like you earned over $5 on your posts thanks to @shadowbot! Your own picture above proves that! You just are mad you don't have more SP and started a flagging war over nothing! YOU EARNED VERY NICELY WITH US! Then you decided to wake up today and start flagging my posts!

shadowbot only gave $1.60 rest is bidbots 50% of my voting in a day is $2.50

So you earned 1.6 more thanks to our system and you call us a scam.. The longer you are with us and the more you power up and act like a good steemian the more you receive in return. How is that a scam? That is at worst a system that needs a little fine tuning and at best a good deterrent for people looking to jump in and scam us all out of our votes without ever providing anything to the rest of the pool.


False statements being made. You get PLENTY of upvotes from @grandpawhale and @bigdeej you are a troll!

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