Sonic Groove Live Week 28 - Still Waters - Original

in #sgl2 years ago

Hey steemers, steemians, and steam boats :) !!
Danaidh B here again, rockin the vibes and competition!!
Here's my new song, written this week,
It's the first country song I've ever written.. so hope you enjoy it, definitely needs a full band!!!

Its called "Still Waters"

...lyrics below...

Still waters, sunny seaaaa!!!
Baby it's late, oh please come home to me,

Still waters, sunny seaaaas!!!
Baby it's late, oh please come home to me,
Crazy skies, mazed with clouds,
Come on home to me, and make me proud,
Oh Im from the east, and you're from the west,
Bring it all home, and give me your best

If I was rich, i'd live on the beach,
With a big sunny house, and a swimming pool each,
If i was raised on a farm, I could teach you the ways
The ways of the land, and the land of the ways,
If I was born in a cabin, i'd get cabin fever easy,
Cause baby bein a woodsman, don't pay the fees, or please me

Still waters, sunny seaaaas!!!
Baby it's cold, oh please come home to me,

Take me to the river, where i can lay my sword,
Cause I've been beaten and broken, and went against my own word,
I was dragged into jail, then set free at last,
My love will never fail, but don't remind me of the past,

Still waters, sunny seaaaas!!!
Baby it's dark, oh please come home to me,

still waters,sunny seeeaas!!!
I said baby its getting cold, late and dark,
please come home to me...



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