Steem Fantasy Premier League - Gameweek 38 Overview and Match Prediction Results!

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Manchester City scored a record 100 points when the Premier League champions this season. Certainty was obtained after Manchester City won 1-0 over Southampton in last week's game at St. Mary's. Manchester City's winning goal scored by Gabriel Jesus in extra time. This victory completes Pep Guardiola's Manchester City party that has secured the Premier League title in early May. Man City's consistent performance this season, has made many new records in the Premier League. According to Guardiola various records printed his team this season will be difficult to solve other teams.

Final League Standings (All top 48 players will be rewarded with some Steem from the final Prize Pool)

Match Prediction Results

With 8/10 correct predictions, congratulations to @stnr
@yocritico, @ezrao, @fupost, @alexsandro, @mahdisteem, @munaa, @fayyadh, @hugosteem, @levissteem, @anang85, @nadyasteem, @malegob, @jubaidah, @samlit, @dondema and @arfa!

With 9/10 correct predictions, congratulations to @johanmartinez, @davor27, @marco-asensio, @ruud-dinn and @millerava!

Congratulations everyone and see you next season! :)

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I started from 48ish and it took me 38 gameweeks to climb to the top 20. In fact, I made the cut for the first time in the last gameweek.

SFPL has been the most exciting of the fantasy leagues and I am so glad to be part of it! Definitely waiting for the next season!

Hey dude

I was wondering if you'd be interested in joining in here, or possibly giving this one a mention?

They are running a contest for the world cup which is fairly easy to enter and will help keep us going until the #sfpl kicks of again in August :D


Oh cool, been actually planning on running my own WC tourney, but the more the merrier! :)


Indeed the more the merrier.
Probably your set up will be different from mine!
I tried to keep it easy to enter to attract as much as possible attention for it and our community!


I threw it a re-steem! Will register soon!


Thanks for your support!


I will add most part of your upvote in SBD to the prize pool!
Don’t know how much time you have but feel free to join our discord channel!
No obligation!


Hey @acidyo, is there a way I can contact you on discord!
I have some questions about organising such a big contest!
You can find me on discord @Fullcoverbetting#4265


Please sir @acidyo, i will like it if you run your contest on WC

Thanks @acidyo for this Competition!!
I gets firts position in predictions 😆😆

Damn! So this season finally came to an end and I couldnt make one winning prediction. That's bad

I hope next season will come with so much prospects as I intend wining back to back.

Wow the first place, Thanks @acidyo

Waiting the next contest, maybe in warld cup football 😘😘


Feel free to join the SBC world cup contest!

I was close. I'll have better luck next time.


Hi, is there a discord group for SFPL for next season?

Didn’t know about this competition until now! Will follow you so I can enter next season!
I will also promote within the SBC community if you don’t mind!

Awesome game - will have to try better next year!

Any plans to do something for the World Cup?

Waiting the next contest,I hope next season will come..wait for your next post sir@acidyo

I hope next season will come with so much prospects as I intend wining back to back....

Football is besy game ever for body and mind. Sfpl is a nice arrangement for enjoying....

Que triste que ya haya acabado la temporada.. Sera hasta la próxima, excelente concurso @acidyo

hhhh waw

A very exciting season, I was fighting the first 3 places but in the end I could not keep the position. @acidyo thanks for the steem Fantasy Premier League.

Nice. I couldn't participate because I joined steemit half way into the EPL season. Looking forward to next season's.
Congrats to Athletico by the way, it hurts watching them celebrate knowing that Arsenal would have been here had it not been for wayward finishing and over elaboration of goal scoring chances. Any predictions on who will take over?

Wow Manchester City is one of my favorites and without doubt one of the best football teams in the world

WOW. I won
Thank you @acidyo for such a fantastic competition. It was very close till the end.


Congratulations, Mohammad! :-)


Thanks man :)

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Good luck to all

please run a WC one too @acidyo !great season ... thanks!!!

It was a fun season! Thank you for hosting and I am eagerly looking for next season to be in top 3 :)

Very good prediction, it's relay good...

Congratulations @acidyo!
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thank you @acidyo has included me one of the winners among them, we hope the prize quickly to the winners.

good post @acidyo. I wish could join SFPL next season, because I just joining steemit 3 month ago. see u.

How much did the prize pool amount to in the end?

wow amazing there was also FPL fans like me in steemit, green arrow greeting @acidyo, i come sfpl from Indonesia 🇮🇩