Steem Fantasy Premier League - Gameweek 33 Overview and Match Prediction Results!

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Manchester City have to postpone its championship party after being beaten by Manchester United. From Derby Merseyside, Everton and Liverpool share points. City is actually a chance to lock the title in Manchester derby match. Victory in the game will make the acquisition of City points can no longer be pursued. However, the reality is different.

Meanwhile, Chelsea had to settle for a 1-1 draw against West Ham at Stamford Bridge Stadium. These results make Chelsea increasingly away from the Champions League zone. Chelsea scored from goals scored by Cesar Azpilicueta in the 36th minute, while West Ham scored by Javier Hernandez (73 '). Chelsea is currently in fifth position with a collection of 57 points from 32 matches. They are behind 10 points from Tottenham Hotspur who are above it.

League standings

Match Prediction Results

Completely different from last gameweek, only 5/10 and 6/10 correct prediction users.

With 5/10, congratulations to @kenneth1, @borran, @anablogs, @dtwo, @yuniswety4, @mifta23, @aplikasi, @bangis23, @to-tru, @yocritico, @madushanka, @dondema, @templeflower, @sanoza, @dragonking, @acehfootball, @akomoajong, @abelard90, @mhizsophie, @retnokristanfi, @kingmotan, @donskoy and @achieymasrur!

With 6/10, congratulations to @wandoc, @yulianoviza and @jamerin!

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Thank you again for running this sir!!
And yea, it looks like there are about 20+ users more than at the start!?


Yes, only those that have signed up at GW2 will be in the league.

Next season we will have a private league.


Wow it will be awesome if you run this next year as well.
It was my first year in the EPL fantasy and I learned a thing or two now.
Struggling in 29th :(

I'm just here to read comments of men excited to talk about football.


10 Guy 09042018135205.jpg



Same To You ,I'm Very Excited

Nice fotball

It was a difficult game and difficult expectations
The league is still burning

Congrats to them. There's going to be a couple players having double gameweek, do I risk using all my chips on that game? I've got Wild card and bench boost


wow how do you still have those??


I've been waiting for double game week to use them

Congratulations to everyone who did well in this :D

hell yeah!!! came after a long time!!!

Congratulations to the winners.. it's not easy predicting the last games of the season as most of the teams have some thing they are fighting for; the teams in the bottom half are fighting to avoid the relegation zone as the teams in the top half are fighting for spots in Europe; Champions league and Europa league.
The Manchester derby was thrilling. Am not a fan of both Manchester clubs but I must say the game lived up to it's expectations. Had taken a while without seeing such a come back in a game.

Congrats to them, hardluck for those who didn't make in the list.

Your position now at 21 from 28. great move. Good going on. keep playing.

congratulations to those who did it :)

congratulation @acidyo You have gone very fast 28 to 21


congratulations to those who did it


I congratulated him that he did well.

Acid Yo.
It's potato, Yo :D

Chelsea is really pissed off this season, I see some whole new faces next season

Primer League related wow it's awesome.


Wait, how do I join this?

Is it right for me to add that i made the 5/10 list but didnt see my name on the list?


Hey, thanks! It must've gotten missed somehow, will edit you in before payouts!


Wow! that will be great. Thanks.

It seems you are spot on with your predictions. Good going so far.There is so much unexpected happened,that's why prediction result was bad for this week.Thanks for sharing.

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I love football. And I am very excited for this fantasy.

Oh damn i didn got 5 as well huh

Thanks for sharing this information.

Such a pity for "Moneyball"... I was really surprised to see his name up there so suddenly... Did a great job but the rules are the rules i guess... As for my chances of a top 10, they just took a hammering ^^

"Victory in the game will make the acquisition of City points can no longer be pursued."

What do you mean by this ?

Selamat kepada @wandoc semoga minggu depan tebakanmu betul semua

thanks his information, although I am not a hobby to watch the ball .. hehehe

Hello @acidyo
Thanks a lot 😁

Thanks you bro @acidyo 😁

Good prediction

Prediction good

Prediksi yag luarbiasa terima kasih. Salam steem

Luar biasa . prediksi nya mudamudaha tepat.

your post is good, let me resteem. and I have followed you.

It was a bad gameweek for me, I hope to recover soon.

I think was like that😎

ohh, i m feeling like i m quite late on this game (damnn!!!!!!). Could anyone explain ?

Kane is going to score
Man city defenders should not be in your team this week
Thanks to acidyo for this post

Southampton - Chelsea - 2
Burnley - Leicester - 1
Crystal Palace - Brighton - 1
Huddersfield - Watford - 2
Swansea - Everton - 2
Liverpool - Bournemouth - 1
Spurs - Man City - x
Newcastle - Arsenal - 2
Man Utd - West Brom - 1
West Ham - Stoke - 1
Brighton - Spurs - 2
Bournemouth - Man Utd - 2
Burnley - Chelsea - x
Leicester - Southampton - 1

Im american would like to watch some of the sport sometime

wow great job bro