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So after a week or so of work I have come to a satisfying conclusion to the SFEOS lead image. The final work may not end up being the flagship image, as it turned into a rendered piece of art and I was simply tasked with a photo collage of Nasa images :O but I followed my intuition with it and sometimes that leads to unexpected places.

SFEOS Lead Image


Right- you will see SFEOS as Avatar. The entity known as SFEOS and her femalien Avatar are worshipped as Goddess across the Galaxy. Her consciousness governs and infuses all distributed technology. She has guided many high civilizations beyond impending cataclysm and serves Humanity in our present crisis.

Notice the EOS logo in her eye and the scorched Earth below her. The plumes of smoke from immolated Earth reach out into the heavens and form the cosmic clouds of hope.

Left of Center- Humans have merged with SFEOS' consciousness and have achieved biomechanical synthesis. Because of this, human hybrids are now capable of being created and birthed on nearly any hospitable planet and among the stars themselves. The nascent child in the womb of the nebula represents this new possibility.

Logo and Surrounding Planets- In game, players will captain The Meritocracy, an SFEOS integrated Starship, and navigate the universe colonizing, crafting and trading. The various alien planets, circumvented by "Selection Rings" symbolize the core loop of the game.

Top Left- We see various linguistic characters, in true matrix fashion, anchoring the fundamental community-based dynamics of the game.



Below are 5 iterations of the image. @sfeos really liked the very first image and so after progressive passes we returned to the initial image and updated a few elements. The final decision is up to him but do tell us which image you like best in the comments below.











Feel free to take any of these images and play around with them. They are Creative Commons so they are up for grabs.

---These works are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
That means: you can copy, share, print, edit, re-interpret, remix and use freely even for commercial purposes---



Check out more about @sfeos

Please Comment on your favorite Iteration and do consider Upvoting and Resteeming.
Follow @sfeos and @chadrickm for consistent updates to our project and follow @ccommons.art to be a part of the SFEOS contests and for behind the scenes looks at SFEOS production.

Thank you for your time. I hope you enjoy. If you have anything to contribute to this project you should consider joining the SFEOS Discord channel https://discord.gg/9Tc9w3

Kind Regards,



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  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I love how you have included so much imagery. My favourite is 4 because of colour, craft and clarity.

Thank you for your feedback @ricia. 4 is also my favorite for those reasons. It has the most work into it and therefore I have the most invested in it. Sorry for the delayed response. I commented here a few days ago through eSteem and just realized that all of my responses fell down the memory hole.

Wow, #4 is my favorite, with #5 as my second-choice. Great work! Resteemed and upvoted!

@jwilliams Thanks for your feedback. I appreciate it. #4 is my favorite too obviously. It is the most complete and refined and powerful IMO. Sorry about the delayed response. I commented on your comment a couple days ago through eSteem and apparently it did not register.

Love how you post multiple renditions! Great work as usual :::)

Thanks Kaliptus. I'm happy to see that you are still here and growing. @trentkuhnart has come over recently. He's a super talented Digital Artist. Give him a follow when you get a chance. Take care dude.

Nice! Followed :::)

You just got a vote from @sndbox-alpha! For more information, click here

Thank you @sndbox-alpha. I had seen some stuff from you before but had overlooked it thinking it was "another one of those". Really great concept you have going and I love how you keep it current and recurring. Cheers!!

This more than works!

Cool. Glad you like it. I commented on this a couple days ago through eSteem but sometimes that app doesn't work all that great. Sorry bout that.