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Robert, we have a problem. I think Dominique feels attracted to Kyriakos and will not love my Robert.

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My Cherine saw the shock in my eyes and laughed, also shocked out of her own worries. “You did know that she falls in love with men who she senses will hurt her.”

“Not funny Cherine. What do I do now?”

“Let her see how good you are and she’ll stop loving you.” she teased.

*She is not in love Cherine - just sexually attracted.*

“How the hell can she be attracted to him? That is sick!” I asked. Neither of them answered and Rob kept silent. I really was shocked. It made me feel so helpless, here I was engineering situations that were meant to open her heart and despite my success I was being reminded that in truth I know next to nothing about people. I was really confused; Kyriakos not only has a revolting character, he is as ugly as can be! Hmmm, but then, so was Rupert and it did not upset me, I actually was amused by it.

My Cherine, as always, cut to the heart of it. “Robert, that little girl we saw in Belgium, the one whose father you took to the penal world, she did not have a mother; bring her and give her to Dominique. She saw her suffering, it will bring out the mother in her. Then appear as Kyriakos.”

“You think her mother love will turn her away from Kyriakos?” My Cherine had been upset when we left the girl alone and I wondered for a moment if she was influenced by that. I quickly saw I was wrong, but even if I wasn’t, I decided it does not matter, Dominique will be a good mother for her. I returned to the void, collected Rob and we went to the child. As I took her, he sent his healer into her and entered her mind and played and soothed her. He appeared on the beach holding the child.

“Dominique, will you hold her and calm her down? We could not leave her at home without any parents.”

The little girl of about four soon reacted to the love from Dominique. The child was without clothes and Dominique was horrified at the blood and semen. As she held her, tears in her eyes, she watched with wonder as the body was healed.

“Did he fix her?”

“No, our Robert did.” Cher replied.

I strolled over as Kyriakos again. “Give her to me. You cannot have her, you know nothing about how a child of that kind should be treated. She would be more useful to me.”

Dominique wrapped the child within her arms protectively, her eyes beseeching Robert and Nicko to help her save the child. I reached out and Nicko pushed my arm away and stood before them. Dominique could not see my face so I gave him a wink, delighted that his decadent life had not stolen his courage.

I asked them, *Robert, my girls are going to give a storytelling for Sharipya. Why don’t you bring them to learn about us and share in the magic of the emotions?*

Rob and Cher touched the others and they jumped home. Cherine sat on the log looking at me, shyly waiting for me to go to her. I walked over, taking on the appearance she knows and loves. I stood before her and stretched out my hand. She stood up and took it. We walked a while on the beach.

“It looks like our anniversary is over. I need a little more time with you alone. Shall we stay here?”

She nodded. “I’d like one night with just the two of us.”

The island is beautiful and we walked for a time enjoying the natural beauty while we sent and received our love for each other. Cherine was slightly puzzled though, so I explained. “You can sense I feel something different about you my love and that it affects me? The ‘taste’ of your love for me has grown much deeper and stronger over the years, but I also can sense the emotions behind the scenes in a manner of speaking. All the times I hurt you, gave you joy, the fears that you would lose me, our shared experiences and everything you endured that helped shape your love, they have a ‘fingerprint’ I can sense. Your love for me, since you reverted to this age, it is sweeter and pure; a love that just is, without reason. It also has that special purity only the love of a child has. Cherine, soon I am to lose it and I will miss it.”


“But I saw in Wendy that you have it all the time!”

“What do you mean?”

“I saw in Wendy that the child she was, even after you brought back her memories, she was still there. I think it will take time for us to merge with our older…personality. If it is so, doesn’t it mean I will be there for you to feel - for maybe quite a long time?” She looked up at me, her tense body and eyes showing her fear. “Will you want to?” She only needed to sense my feelings flooding her, for her to lose her fears.

We waited until the sun was but an hour from the horizon before we found a spot where we were surrounded by tropical beauty, a few bright flowers filling the air with their scent. We lay down and I slowly undressed her. “No wonder I could not resist you! What a perfect body you have. Fifteen years and I am still struck by wonder every time I see you.”

Unlike the original times, I felt her heart open to me, sensing me and caring how I felt. “Do not fear hurting me Robert. You can send me your healer so that it makes it easier for you.”

I felt a knot in my throat. Softly, hardly believing I was saying it, I asked. “You want to feel the pain, don’t you?”

She nodded. “Some.” She giggled. “The way you are feeling…will you be able to feel any passion?”

“You can feel how I adore you? Don’t worry, I can feel both.”

I did. Every tender caress as my fingers softly touched her skin was part of my adoration, but as her blood began to race so did mine. As her skin tingled and her tiny nipples engorged, so did the yearning in me turn to a fiery need. As I sucked her saliva and breath from her soft, tender lips, licked the salty taste of her skin, my body ached to join with hers and become one. She was less aggressive, more intent on savouring every sensation as I loved her body and feeling me within her mind, my body and the way it reacted to her was a joy she did nothing to hide. After I had felt every contour, tasted her entire body and had drank of her nectar, I lay back.

“Would you like to sit on me? That way you can take me in you at your own speed.”

She considered it and then shook her head. “No. I want to feel you on me. Let yourself be heavy so that I can hardly breathe. Crush me Robert as you push into me. I want every part of me to feel you.”

I stopped for both of us to enjoy the feeling. Her dark eyes, pools of lust and wonder stared down at where I entered her. “How can it all go in! It feels so huge!”

“I have to tear your hymen my love. It will hurt.”

I felt the fear in her, but she also reacted by thrusting her hips up at me, her mind aflame with the thought. I had taken the time to arouse her, which meant that her vagina was given the opportunity to lengthen, as it does in adult women, but I had jabbed with too long a stroke and found myself buried all the way. The tightness was so delicious I could hardly bear to move. Since every feeling of her body and mind was shared by me I did not need to ask, I knew she was enjoying the achy pain and the feeling of such a huge part of me within her. Her answering reaction inflamed me too and as she sensed it, she hit her own climax, her orgasm sharp, wild and painful.

We spent the whole night loving in every way we could, the time in between spent in lovingly feeling each others bodies and hearts. I was not surprised when her finger found its way into me and I enjoyed the way the originality of what she was experiencing set her on fire. Surprisingly she limited herself to one finger only, but every sensation building the flames in her.

The sun rose and she lifted her head, her long dark hair hanging over my face. “I will hold to me this night forever Robert, a treasure chest of memories which will never fade. Whenever you want to Robert, find me and you will see me holding this night and the love I felt in you.”


I felt like crying. I wanted my Cherine as she is now and as she will be. I also felt her desperate need to feel that she, the Cherine she is now, will always be a part of me. Her eyes became tender and she laid her head on my chest as she softly asked me, hardly daring to hope I’ll accept her offer. “Do you want me as I am now?”


“Will you take a part of my soul? I also want a part of yours to hold as we are now.”

We danced in the void, exchanged motes until we were satiated and then we exchanged from the core. My little Cherine, I could hold a hundred parts of you and never have enough.

* * * * *

We are back home.

Sharipya has changed a lot since we left. He had been tense, ready for flight or fight at an instant, whereas now he emoted a strong feeling of curiosity. After a glance he largely ignored Cherine and the others, his mind bent on understanding me. While waiting for Rob and the ‘crippled’ Cher to arrive with Wendy, Dominique, Nicko and their child, I explained to the others what had happened, not sharing yet the visit to the reality of the baby Cherine and what happened there - both Cherine and I agreed we must wait until after Sharipya returns from there.

The girls came into my mind and looked through my memories and then went to Cherine. She allowed them to see and their faces registered many emotions, mostly at the end their horror at my turning myself into Kyriako. We had allowed Alki and Marian to also share and they left our minds before we spent our final night making love. They both looked sick.

“How could you do that to yourself Roberto.”

“It was worth it.” To break the mood I tried to tease. “Marian, I suppose you are disappointed in me, I returned without getting a new girl.”

“I can’t joke just yet, give me some time to absorb and recover from your memories.”

“Lucy, promise Sharipya that you will share what you saw after the storytelling.”

“No. I can’t Robbie.”

“Don’t worry love, you will be able to. Your sharing with him has already changed him.” I guessed the reason for his sudden alarm. “Sharipya, she did not change you, make you into an alien. Nothing was added to you except for her love. All she did is open your heart so that you see us as you would have if you had not come to us with hate blinding you. I warn you though, I have a question for you afterwards that will cause you distress.”

“I notice you caused them all distress. If it is your habit to cause your loved ones distress then I should, perhaps, feel honoured that you wish to do so to me.” I preferred to treat what he said as humour; I already stand accused of always taking everything everyone says about me too seriously - though they also accuse me of not taking everyone seriously enough. I think they just do it so as to confuse me - surely life can’t be that mixed up…can it?

I wagged my finger at him in admonishment. “Careful Sharipya, you have shown us your beauty; you dance divinely, you beat me at chess; you might make me feel inferior if you also prove to have a good sense of humour.”

Rob and his group arrived. Dominique and Nicko were very defensive, but did not recognise me. They held on to their little girl who obviously adores Dominique. I saw Rob has succeeded, the little girl loves him too.

“Welcome. What is her name?”

“She will not speak to us. She also refuses to let go of Dominique.”

I spoke to their Wendy. “Wendy, I think the little one needs you. Let’s see if she will let you hold her.”

Their Wendy stood next to her and the little one looked at her. She put out a hand and her chubby fingers touched Wendy on the cheek.

“Dominique, sit on the carpet with her. Cassie, Jade, go play with her as the imps.”


It was a great success, although their healers and the protector had to toughen them so that they would not be hurt. We were soon treated to the delighted squeals and laughter of the little girl. When they asked her for her name she did not answer. Claudia asked her in French and she replied. Her name is Eloise.

“Robert, we have invited Cherinians from various worlds.”

“Thanks Sam, it will be good to see them again.” Though we did recently see them, while there, I hardly spoke to them about anything but the problems of that Earth and how the same could be true for other realities, which mostly had the effect of frightening them.

She continued, “We did it for a surprise - you’ll see for who just now.” I felt something was worrying her, as from when the family with Eloise arrived, but she would not say what it is.

I saw our livingroom was already partly filled. “We better go to the hall then. Girls, our visit to the baby Cherine reality, as you must have noticed, we have not shared, but I suspect you may have already sensed some of it. Sharipya will be leaving now, so we’ll have to wait for him to return. When he does, we will then share the horror of that world with everyone.”

Before I could get to the door, new visitors arrived. They had come to collect Sharipya and he will soon know the reason, but everyone else was also curious - and a little bit afraid, for those who arrived could not help emoting their feelings, which had carried over. I promised Sharipya that he will be brought back within the hour.

“You are about to be taken to an alternate Earth, where Cherine and I, at their time, are visiting, as you will be needed there. We will have our telling when you return.” I grinned. “You are going to find it confusing, for you will learn of how you were responsible for saving an entire Terran planet.” After a little gentle persuasion, Sharipya left with them.

Since everyone else had arrived, the absence of those not with us, was more obvious, so nobody complained about having to wait. I was glad that the girls had called to them from before my sharing with my loves, as I would now have to ask our alt visitors to leave.

“I’m sorry to do this, but will you all please return to your home realities? Once there, you will be asked to join me…elsewhere - from before my returning here, and you’ll learn about the world of the Robert and Cherine who are missing. I consider it important that you learn with first hand experience of the horror they face, since it could happen to you also. As soon as you once more return to your own worlds from that visit, please jump back here, timing it for about two hours from now.”

They left and Alki saw to it that our local Cherinians have enough cash and they jumped in groups to have a coffee or a small meal.

My loves waited a while, and then Dommi, to distract everyone, asked, “Aren’t you going to change Cherine first?”

“No.” I smiled at my first love, my heart caressing hers. “Let this be our gift to her.”

There was dismay. Sam found the courage to say to me, “But Robbie, we wanted this to be for Sharipya!”

“It will be for him, but also for our new Wendy, Dominique and Nicko. As for my little Cherine, she will love it as it is. She does not need it tailored for her.” I knew she would be partly experiencing it through me and I was happy for every last moment we could share.

Nobody asked, they knew I would want a cappuccino, so we were soon sitting in Kefalari enjoying ourselves. It is very rarely that my loves allow me to keep a secret and they might have only been willing to wait because my Cherine is backing me on this, also asking that they wait. It means they and our local Cherinians will soon be the only ones who do not know. Sam asked for more details of how I found Wendy and then wanted to know when she had died. Not more than a few minutes later I sensed Jade and the protector leave.

Sam did not ask, but she said to me, “Is it about what Arthur wrote?”


I nodded. “Partly, though more than that. He wrote it for Feizal, but you are right, everyone will be given a copy. You really did the right thing when you sent it to me, thank you, my love. Can you wait a bit before I explain?”

At last I sensed that Feizal has been collected and I knew there would be no paradoxes if we share now. As soon as Jade returned, we went home, and I asked my loves to share from Cherine and me and then do a very short telling. As they shared and learnt about the Elite and their plans, the sick feelings that flooded my loves almost panicked everyone. I kept quiet, leaving it to our loves to explain through their telling.

We shared with our Cherinians the experiences we had previously refused to share. They were all badly shaken and were quick to see that we also face the same dangers, unless we can prevent it reaching the stage where we have to let the entire world know about the Cabal, thus causing many deaths. Whatever we do, I have a feeling that the world will learn the truth about them and everything will change. I just hope we can keep it a secret about us existing, the world really is not ready for us yet. Neither am I ready for dealing with them and all the crazies who are bound to pop up out of the woodwork, most of them wanting to kill us. When it was time, we had to rush and were soon at the meeting hall, there for the return of Sharipya and all our alternates.

We gathered in the hall and soon it was filled. Sharipya looked at the multiple copies of us and he grinned to himself. I wondered what was going through his mind, but was not surprised he had not paid them much attention during his visit as part of the alien federation.

The girls first went for the golden circle of love. They did not take it to extremes and everybody was left in a happy daze. I saw Rob take the hand of the new Dominique and give it a squeeze before letting go.

Cherine sat between my legs and I kept my arms wrapped around her, my mind open to her. I knew the experience is going to affect her profoundly. Because of her, the girls took their time, concentrating on those first months of our loving each other.

She watched as we went to the island with Dommi and was delighted when she saw Dommi become one of us. She did not seem to be strongly affected by the scenes with her mother, nor with my ‘death’. She did sense her mother watching her and she sent her a soft feathery touch of love and Marian relaxed.

From early on, the storytelling was interrupted twice by Sharipya, but after that he controlled himself. Of interest to him was our battle against Doris and everyone could sense how my strategy, unchanging despite my loves being hurt, puzzled him. My lessons were obviously fascinating to him and he sat leaning forward as he watched and listened. When the story was almost at an end, the arrival of his alternate was first shown, then our discovery of Cherine lying by the ashes of her Robert. He watched as we battled, from my perspective and from that of the girls. He did not take exception to anything shown and we realised he thought the girls had been fair to him. He did smile when he beat me at chess, but it was more ironic than gloating.

The girls ended off with the anniversary trip. Now the story about the Elite in the reality of the rich Robert could be told, but nearly everybody already knew about them. Still, they watched with horrified fascination and a deep anger - against those of our reality, well, our Cherinians did, and the others against those of each of their realities, the Roberts first reacting against the implied or actual threat against their Cherine, and then their indignation grew to cover all their family, Cherinians and Normals - same as it had been for me.

I will mention here, that when I was answering questions about them, after the telling finished, and called them by the name they call themselves, Samantha interrupted me angrily. “Stop calling them the Elite. They are neither the Elite nor the Illuminati, as they call themselves. The name Elite suggests that they are special and Illuminati is just a fancy way of calling themselves the enlightened and the intelligent. They are neither, just because their ancestors made money and acquired power they think they have the right to own the whole world and everyone else must die so that they can have it!

We think of Hitler, Stalin and Mao as evil - they were nothing but stooges for those with the real power and acted without knowing that they counted for almost nothing and probably would also be disposed of by their masters if they had succeeded.


Robert, call them the cabal, since the connotations are closer to what they really are.” She then explained for the girls and other visitors who do not know the word, “Cabal could be described as ‘A clique that seeks power usually through intrigue’ and ‘A plot to carry out some harmful or illegal act (especially a political plot)’.”

Everyone agreed with Sam, so I will only refer to them as the Cabal, even when quoting them (should I do so). I should not use a capital letter, but I am doing so as I need to differentiate them from other minor cabals.

To return to the telling, nobody was surprised that Ordinx and Solomon helped us, but they were puzzled as to the reason for Sharipya helping. Their puzzlement may have amused him, but he also understood and still cringes at the thought that he and his alternate killed some of us and damaged Cherine (I think it is her he now cares the most about, maybe because of Lucy making him feel how special she is and because she is still damaged).

He felt he had to speak out against the admiration he was sensing from everyone and, once more, interrupted the telling. “What you are doing is wrong. I sense Robert is amused that by my attacking his alternate and then fighting him, I became the reason that world of your species was saved. I have to tell you, if I had known about the Cabal and what they planned, I would have been so disgusted by your species that I may even have helped them destroy their world - and afterwards I would have destroyed them also.

My people do not pride themselves on their intelligence, for, as we know we are beautiful, so do we know that we do not make great scientists and rarely create inventions worthy of an advanced civilisation. Even so, I have the ability to see that the only reason I am being treated like a hero, instead of the enemy, is because the universe twisted what should have been and I beat Robert at chess. If I had not, we would probably still be fighting in the skies of that earth or he would have been forced to destroy me. Is it not amazing that a game should play such a remarkable role in the history of our people? As for the small role I played in helping his world, I am grateful that I was offered the opportunity to at least repay the Robert I killed in some small way.”

He was not intending to amuse us, so he had to bear the laughter about our chess game and the patting on the back as everyone praised his sense of humour. I could not help grinning, which probably did not endear me to him.

Once again the girls returned to their telling, not letting us sense whether they are getting frustrated by the constant interruptions. When we abducted Dominique, she gasped and Nicko also made a noise in surprise. We could all feel their shock when they realised that I, the leader everyone seems to admire so much, was Kyriakos.

Sam called out, “Will you all stay seated please? Will all Wendy(s) and Candy join us here please.” She first made certain the new Wendy joined them. As they did so, Sam went to each of them and asked her to close her eyes, including her mind, until told to open them.

“Even amongst us you embody all that is special about being a Cherinian. We have longed for a way to show you how much we love you. Strangely, or perhaps we should have expected it, a Wendy showed us how to. We cannot go to the past and undo what happened, but there is a sweet part of it that we have brought forward for you. This time it was not our Robert who did it. It was our darling Jade who enlisted the aide of the protector and prepared this surprise for all of you.”

The door opened and a number of identical women walked in. I recognised them and shut off my mind. Each of them went to one Wendy, including the new Wendy, except for the mother of our Wendy who also has Candy. Sam waited a moment as the silence deepened.

“You may open your eyes now.”

For once I was able to sit through an emotional storm. I had tears in my eyes, but I was too happy to care. Even after so many years, my sweet Wendy loves her mother and wept in her arms. She hugged Candy also as their mother held them both tightly. I chuckled though when Jade disappeared.

Most of our alternates did not stay long, they needed to be on their own with their own Alki, Elia and Eddie and Hettie, so as to make their plans. I guess this shows they have reached a new level of maturity, for not one of them asked my opinion on whatever ideas they have. We stayed at the hall until they left and then invited the ‘crippled’ Cherine and others to join us at our home. I hoped their Dominique and Nicko would agree to come, as we also need to talk.


Once we were in our home, I drew Sharipya aside. “Sharipya, you agree that family comes first?” He gave a slight nod, his eyes wary. “We have some of our own problems to solve. After that I will take you back to your own world.”

“We have another matter to settle.” He glanced at Lucy and I guessed. “You charged me to watch over your family and I nearly caused their deaths.”

“Hmm. I read about that. I wish I could have been there to share the experience. It must have taught them a lot. Sharipya, the more we learn the less likely we are to die for some foolish reason, I am in your debt. My girls are wiser now.”

Sam, Claudia, Meli and Theresa had moved to the other side of the room and he did not notice when they sniggered. I gave them my best reproving glance. He is definitely growing wiser, for he did not argue with me. Instead he offered, “Perhaps I should return to the void. As you said, you have family matters to take care of.”

“We would enjoy having you here. Whenever a new friend is with us we are forced to see ourselves with fresh eyes. It is a good way to prevent ourselves from slipping into bad habits.” I grinned. “When you return to your people I expect them to drive you crazy with questions about us. What are you going to reply? Sorry, I was polite and stayed in the void?”

The colour drained from his face and his eyes burned as they stared at me. He whispered, “Your question makes their return so real.”

I have a loving family who see to it that I slip right back into my bad habits. Coffee arrived and Aganthi came with the cigarettes. As she was becoming accustomed to, as if it were a ritual, she sat on my lap and with a few sips of coffee she shared my cigarette. She leant back, her head against my shoulder while I lit and smoked another. Her heart was purring with joy and it made me feel that life can be good at times - very good!

Finally it was time for me to settle the outstanding problems. “As you saw tonight, I was Kyriakos.”

I noticed that the fists of Nicko were clenched in anger as he spoke, even though he tried to keep his voice less hostile. “Why did you do it? Why make yourself suffer? The girls made certain we saw that, didn’t they?”

“Nicko, I hope you have seen and understood how precious you and Dominique are to us. Any Teller family would be crippled without the two of you. I would gladly suffer ten times as much if it means every Cherine and Robert has a Dominique and Nicko to love. Tell me Dominique, was I wrong to turn you away from your way of life? Would you like me to help you forget the island and all that happened on it so that you can return to your nights of fun and days of shopping for clothes you don’t need and gossip with friends who don’t care for you?”

She glanced at Eloise and tossed her head. “You made certain I would never want that again. You have badly confused me.” I raised an eyebrow. “I could almost wish you did suffer ten times as much, but then that means some poor Dominique would also. I don’t know whether I am angry enough with you to wish that.”

I laughed, my heart swelling. “There has not been one person I love, who I looked to find the alternate for their Cherine and Robert, that I have not at some moment wished I could steal them for us. This was such a moment Dominique.”

Dommi put her arm around her. “Don’t let him confuse you. Our Roberto, he loves it when he discovers fire in us.”

“They also tricked you into joining them.”

“It means they cared enough about me for it to be worth them doing so. If I have a nightmare it is that they decided I was not worth it and did not make me part of the family. Dominique, don’t forget to bring in your friend Natalie, you’ll need her.”

Nicko faced me again. “I understand why Dominique. Why me though? Your Nicko is not part of your family.”


“He is closer to me than a brother would be. He has his own wives and children, his own Kaleidoscope World. I see.” I paused. “You are wondering what is to happen to you? Whether they want you to be part of their family?”

“Surely that would only cause problems?”

I wasn’t certain whether I was teasing Nicko or Robert and Cherine. “Not necessarily. Never forget that you come from an alternate world to mine. Do not expect things to work out the same. Maybe your Robert is not as possessive as I am and he would welcome you into his family circle with your sister. Where I shudder at the idea of another man touching my girls, he may be more broadminded - who knows.” I gave him a grin, anticipating his imagined reaction to the idea of making love to his sister and Robert.

He grinned back at me as if he’d read my thoughts and turning looked as Rob put his arm around his Cherine in response to my words. “I think not.”

I shrugged with another grin. “Then your question has been answered. I do not think you would be comfortable yet, making love to your sister. I think it would freak her out too. Nicko, look to find a love of your own, it would be best that way. If it does not happen, I’ll ask our Nicko for his girls to share. I have difficulty in finding the right word. To say they would be copies is not right; they would be originals.”

“What if I asked for a copy of your Diana?” We’d all noticed how he’d looked at her, staring for hours, so his question was almost expected. Diana just hid her face behind her lovely hair.

My Alki saved me from answering. “Are you testing the waters Nicko? He is too soft to refuse you and it would make him miserable. Diana would agree because he did, but it would make her miserable. They are only able to share gladly with other Roberts and Cherines. Not that they would ever show it to you.”

“Then he is not honest. A true friend would be.”

“Perhaps your heart has not been opened fully yet, if you can say that about him. You saw the storytelling, but still do not understand Roberto!” I love it when my Alki becomes protective. “He is the protector. That does not only mean he has to protect us from outside dangers. If he sees that you have to be made to suffer so that you can be a Cherinian, then, at whatever cost to him, he will do so. Someday soon your Cherine will help you open your mind so that you can reach out and feel the emotions of others. If you are then present when Roberto has to hurt someone, you will understand what he went through for your sakes. Never speak lightly of what he did for you!” His thoughts grumbled for a while about ungrateful people who do not…etc. Marian was aware that I heard him and was enjoying myself, but she pretended not to notice. She was spending her goodwill on Sylvia (mother of Wendy and Candy).

The girls had done well, but she is still timid. Her heart has also been crushed, so I think she feels more at ease with Candy than with Wendy. The knowledge that Wendy suffered because she had not stood up to her husband is eating away at her. Candy at least represents those earlier innocent years. I decided not to interfere. They should also learn how to help those they love.

I decided she had been alone long enough and disregarding her privacy sign entered the bedroom. Jade was lying on the bed, her one leg bent at the knee and the other leg swinging on it as she held a book. She did not acknowledge my presence, so deeply immersed in the book was I supposed to think she is. I grinned and sat next to her and reached out to tickle her.

“Don’t you dare!” I chuckled and waited a while until she’d returned to her book. As I started talking she politely put down her book with a long suffering look on her face.

“I remember something from long ago, before I met Cherine. I was driving and as you know, I am not a very good driver. I was concentrating so hard on not hitting another car that I missed my turn-off without realising it.

I found myself in a Greek village up in the mountains. By this time it was midday and it looked like the whole village had gathered in the plateia at a taverna. Children were running around; the men and women were all talking loudly as the Greeks love to. Waiters were rushing with trays filled with cold beers, wine, ouzo and mezedes. All this was under a number of trees and in the background, behind the souvlas, was the sound of water falling. It fell in a number of streams and was cold. I felt enchanted, as if I had entered another world. I sat by myself at a table that only had one chair.


Jade, it was not long before my table was surrounded by chairs, simple village people trying to understand my broken Greek. They had joined me to a small part out of curiosity, but mostly out of a wish to make me feel welcome and part of whatever it was they were celebrating. I never did find out if it was a religious celebration, but I’ve always had a feeling that it was something more personal than that. I like to think they had gathered to celebrate life and their community.

Two weeks later I took the same road and found the correct turn-off. You cannot imagine what a boring day I had. The man who had invited me to visit him tried to make me feel welcome, but he did not know what to do with me.”

She waited silently until she saw I had nothing further to say. “You broke my privacy sign to tell me a pointless story about when you were young?” she asked sarcastically, in the way the young sometimes do.

I chuckled and got off the bed. As I reached the door I turned to her and spoke, even though she was pretending to read again. “I just wanted to tell you, for me, you are that enchanted place.” Quietly I closed the door behind me.

The whole damn room was staring at me. I had forgotten to ask for privacy and they had all listened. I grabbed my cigarettes and made a beeline for the garden. Jade of course, stayed in the bedroom. Cherine turned from those she was with and followed me. When I sat down she settled herself on my lap and I felt how she fitted so perfectly.

“I’m smoking love. Are you sure you would not rather sit upwind of me?”

Earnestly she asked, “I’m feeling my heart bursting. Are you sure you would rather smoke?”

“No, I wouldn’t.”

As I made to throw away the cigarette she stopped me. “Claude is bringing you another coffee. I was only teasing Robert, I don’t mind the smoke.” I threw away the cigarette anyway and sat back, feeling the weight of her as she leant against my chest, my one arm around her.

I asked, “You are finding it difficult?”


“Me too.” Claude came out with the coffee and I thanked her, sending my heart to her for her to feel. She flushed and kissed me softly on the lips and then kissed the top of Cherine’s head.

Cherine looked into my eyes. “Is it being Cherinians that makes them all so wonderful?”

“No love. Most people have the potential. Being a Cherinian helps them achieve it.” She remained silent for a moment.

“I spoke to my father. Thank you Robert.”

I grinned, even though I had difficulty in breathing as I asked, “Are you going to turn into a Candy?”

Her little heart fluttered for a moment. “Would you like me to?” She turned suddenly. “No. It would not be fair, my grown up me.”

I noticed the living room had been silent for a while. Dommi came out, her face tender with love. She sat next to us and her hand gently caressed Cherine. “Cherine, come into my mind.”

I did not follow into her mind as I thought this was between them. Cherine opened her eyes and sighed. “Is it the same for everyone?”

Dommi’s eyes were very tender. “All who lost their memories for a while. It will be the same for you love.” She kissed her and went back to the house. Cherine grabbed hold of me and hugged as hard as she could.

“Did you also see? Oh Robert, you should have! I will be like Candy.”

I didn’t dare believe. “You better explain love.”


“I won’t be like Candy in a body. But whenever you want to be with me, I will be inside Cherine. I will not get lost and just be some of her memories, as I’d thought. I will be able to see through her eyes, listen through her ears and feel our love for you. You can come into her mind and be with me when you need to.”

“It is the same for Dommi and the others?”



She felt my joy, but she felt deeper than that. “You are afraid you will not have the time to come in to be with me often. It does not matter Robert, I will understand. Just send me some love now and then, I’ll feel it.”

“If that is what you think will happen you don’t know yourself love. The Cherine of my time will feel your need, mine too and allow you as often as she can to take over so that we can be together. It will make her jealous, but she will do it.”

“But then we will be happy and sad!”

“That seems to be the right description. Don’t fret my love, we will find a balance that brings all of us happiness. Time will find it for us.”

We sat there for a long time without speaking, our heartbeats merging and making us one. Soon the sun would be rising and a new day would be upon us.

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I hope you enjoy reading this story of fantasy, adventure and love - and should some of it be true for our reality, I hope you will love our Cherine.

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12th November, 2019

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