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I looked at those beautiful eyes and I saw something that made me shiver. “You are right, protect her.” . . . . . . .

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“What does this mean Robbie? Can she stay?”

“Candy love, you gave me pain I never thought to feel from you. We will talk about it later.” I turned to the girl-child. “What do we call you?”

“You want to name me?” I nodded. “My name is Robert, I am part of you. What do you wish to call me?”

Cherine came over and turned her face to her. I felt her expand herself, flowing into the mind and heart of the girl. We all felt the link as it slammed into existence with a force never felt before. Cherine cried out and hugged her.

“She is you Robert, she is a part of you!” She turned to the girl and kissed her cheek. “Oh god, how I love you!”

I knelt by the girl and softly touched her cheek, it was warm and alive. “I leave it to you to choose your name. I ask you please do not be hurt, I need time to think about this, to understand what has happened. Will you give me that time?”

She looked at me with eyes filled with understanding and a soft love I knew I had not earned. “Yes.”

I left, went out to the garden, a cigarette in my trembling hand. Alki followed.

“What now Robert? This is going to shock many of the Cherinians.”

“Alki, I just had a thought. This is the first time ever that a man has given birth to a child.”

“You think of her as a daughter?”

“She is more like a clone of myself. I suspect her body has exactly the same DNA as mine. Her mind though is not an exact copy, or if it is, it is quickly growing in new directions. God! Did you feel how Cherine reacted to her?”

“If she is you, a part of you, I can understand it. Of course Cherine would love her. Even I feel a tenderness for her.”

“Can she stay with you Alki, just for a day or two? I need time to adjust to her. Shit! I need time to believe this has happened. If I had tried to do this it would be different, but she just turned from an imaginary child into a real one without me doing it. I’m actually scared by this.”

“I’m glad. I would have been a lot more worried if you had been feeling like a god.”

“Maybe God also got scared of Himself when He saw what He was able to create.”

The girls did not want her to leave with Alki and Marian, they were all fawning over her, but they let her go when they sensed the turmoil within me. As for the girl herself, she looked at me with plaintive eyes, but did not speak one word of protest, meekly leaving with the arms of Marian around her.

The rest of the afternoon she was the sole subject of conversation between the girls. They were all enamoured of her and all wished she were back with us. They got their wish, but not for reasons that pleased any of us.

About two hours had passed when Alki rushed back in carrying her in his arms. “Robert, she is dying!!”

Immediately I sent the healer into her, but it found nothing wrong. I stood there helplessly, not knowing what to do. Cherine grabbed her, pulling her out the arms of Alki and brought her to me.

“Hold her Robert, hold her!”

I did. I tried sending energy, but I did not really know what to send or do.

“She needs to be close to you Robert, just hold her.”

I sat down, holding her to me. Cherine leaned over her and opened my shirt so that I would be touching her directly. She then took off the blouse and pressed her to my chest, skin against skin. I felt the healer altering me. Blood vessels joined and I pumped life directly into her. After a few minutes the healer sealed my skin again and I pulled her away so as to look at her face. It was so pale and fragile, I felt a pity and soft love began to grow in me for this poor child who depends so totally on me. Her eyelids fluttered and opened, staring directly into mine. I kissed her forehead.

“You trying to scare me to death girl? Why didn’t you call to me soon as you felt sick?”

“You don’t hate me?”

“Look into my heart you silly thing. Of course I don’t hate you.”

Meli touched my hand. “Robert, she cannot look into your heart. She has no gifts.”

“But she is part of me, of course she can.”

“She can’t. She is deaf and blind to us Robbie.”

We tested her, all of us, even little Candy tried to contact her mind to mind, but Meli was right. She did not have any paranormal abilities. We had long ago come to the conclusion that every single human being has abilities, just that they are usually dormant. It is not so with this new part of myself.

“Cherine, this does not make sense. How could you link to her and bring her into our circle if she does not have any gifts?”

“I linked to her.”

I lifted her chin. “When Cherine linked you to us, did you feel it?”

“No. She linked me to you?”

“To all of us. Damn, how can you be linked if you do not feel it? Cherine?”

“Robbie?” I looked at Candy. “Can you play puppy with her?”


“A good idea. I’ll try now.”

I explained what I was to do. “Give me a name, I need to know what to call you.”

“Candy can name me. She was the first to love me.”


The responsibility frightened her. “She must have a special name Robbie, I’m too small to think of one.”

“Just name her, Candy.”


“A lovely name. Do you like it?”

“Jade is a stone?”

“Yes love. Not just a stone though, it is a lovely stone that seems to glow with life from inside.”

“Then how can I be Jade? I only have life from you.”

“Only for the time being. I will not allow you to stay dependent on me.”

“I like it. I like being part of you.”

“Be a part of me in the same way the other girls are, love me and let me love you, but do not depend on me for your very life.”

Cherine cut in, “How can you ask that of her Robert? I depend on you for my life.” There were a lot of ‘me too’ echoed from across the room.

“It is not the same. If she dies because I am twenty metres away from her, what kind of life will she have? I cannot have her chained to me this way.”

“Pappou, you know what the problem is? When I linked to her and brought her into our circle, all of us accepted her and opened our hearts to her, all of us except for Robert. He is starting to love her, but he is not linked to her.”

“How can I Cherine, if she is part of me, how can I link to her?”

“You thought the same with Diana. She was mostly made of our souls and yet you linked and loved her.”

“It is not the same. Jade, do not take what we are saying to heart and feel you are not loved.”

She gave me a timid smile. “Maybe you had me so as to learn to love yourself?”

“If I did, then I took all that is good in me and put it in you so that I can.”


“Yes Alki?”

“If what you told me is true, then you cannot marry her!”

“You mean because of any children we have?”


“I’m not sure I agree with you. Any children we might have, it would be as if each of them would be born, as the Catholics put it, by Immaculate Conception. The whole question is not pertinent, I have not asked her to marry me and she has not agreed to.”

“I would Robert.”


Dommi said, “Roberto, you must cancel the honeymoon.” At my look she carried on, “Don’t be upset, we can all wait. You, and we, cannot leave Jade.”

“We could take her with.”

“No!” Meli cried out. Shocked I turned to her. “Robbie, she will die, she must not jump, you must first bring her completely into this reality.”

“Meli.” She only stared at me, not answering my unasked question. “Speak up girl, explain to the others.”

“You guessed?” she asked almost in a whisper. I nodded. “I was only imagining Robbie, I did not do it on purpose.”

“Explain to the others. Even Alki deserves an honest answer.”

“Ti einai kori mou?” (what is it my daughter?)

“When Candy hugged Jade and pleaded for her to be allowed to stay, I knew it was not possible, I had realised she is just an illusion created by Robbie. I imagined to myself how it would be if she were real, like my worlds. Then Candy could visit her whenever she wanted. I did not expect it to happen.”

“Meli, you used the powers you have on something already partly existing in this world.”

Jade whispered, almost just to herself, “I was just an illusion?”

Cherine caressed her cheek and Marian spoke up, saying the words we all wanted to say. “As good a way to be born as any. Maybe even better.” She came to Jade. “If you were created to play a trick on me and you acquired life, then you are my daughter, for you were created for me. Robert has done it again, stolen the heart of another of my daughters?”

“You want me as your daughter?” We all felt the wonder and joy and suddenly my heart was full of tears. Marian knelt and pulled her head to her bosom, careful not to pull her body away from me. “Oh yes! You will be my miracle girl, a daughter of my heart.”

Dommi called to her, “Jade. Cassie asks me to welcome you, she is happy to have you as her sister she says.”

We had to explain to her who Cassie is. Dommi let her feel her tummy and Cassie gave a kick. Her face was rapturous as she looked at the bulging tummy.

While this was going on and for the next day and night, my mind was grappling with how I could bring her into our reality as Meli had said. I tried ‘wishing’ for it to be so, tried sending energies to bind her to this world, but nothing seemed to work.

The next day Ordinx and Solomon appeared. The girls all rushed to tell them of the miracle, of our Jade. They were both shaken by the news.

“Robert, when Diana was created she was made out of the souls and cells of existing people, she had a link to the past. This girl, Jade, she has no link. It is impossible.”

“Jade love, when people say you are impossible, take it as a compliment.” She looked up from where she was playing with Candy and smiled.

I explained to them our problem. “Even if I need to go to the toilet, she has to stand by the door so as to be as close to me as possible. I cannot think of a way to make her fully a part of our reality.”


“Yes Solomon.” I explained her role in this and now both of them seemed to find it easier to accept the creation and existence of Jade - she was no longer impossible. “If she had been created in the world of Meli we would not have a problem. There she could have continued to exist, I think. Our problem is how to achieve that in this world.” I had to explain why it was so urgent, telling them of the old man. “If I have to leave for a time, it is important that she is able to survive without me around.”

“Robert, you have not brought her to the void. Why not?”


“I can’t. I even tried to ‘play puppy’ with her, but could not enter her mind-world. For some reason, since Cherine linked her, she is completely blocked to all paranormal abilities.”

“That kills one suggestion I was about to make.” In response to my ‘that was?’ he carried on. “It occurred to me that if you, or the others, gave her parts of your souls, it might help fix her to this reality. If you cannot bring her to the void then you cannot do that either.”

“Will you excuse me?” I closed my eyes and went to the void. Quickly I slipped into it, becoming the void and gathering the energy I needed I shot back to Earth, aiming directly for Jade. If I could enter her I would find a way to give her part of my soul. The protector attacked me, sealing her off.

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I hope you enjoy reading this story of fantasy, adventure and love - and should some of it be true for our reality, I hope you will love our Cherine.

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26th August, 2019

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Οοοοοοο..... Από ότι βλέπω άνοιξε καινούργια προβλήματα!!!!
Να φανταστώ ότι δεν έχει σώμα σαν ένα πνεύμα είναι?
Γιατί δεν μπορεί να την πάει στο void?

To antitheto katalaves?

To koritsaki ehei soma alla o Robert den mporei na aisthanthi to πνεύμα tis. Oute na mpei stis skepsois tis den mporei. Oute i Cherine mporei na tin kanei linked (συνδέση).

To giati ... eksigite stois epomenes selides

hahah!!! nai to antitheto.... eytixos poy to dieukrinisame!!!!