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I find it remarkable that parents can do this, that they can publish these photos with the face of the child clearly visible in most of them and no neighbour, no law enforcement agencies that see these photos can identify them and punish the parents and, more importantly, take the children away from them and provide counselling and the environment to help repair the scarring of these little minds.
If I find a way, I swear I will expose any such persons I find.

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Under the pretence of going into the mind of my Dommi to place a block to protect our little ones, I have stolen the memories of all of this. Someday she will read this and the memories will be released to her again. Perhaps by then she will be older and more capable of handling the trauma.

I also hope that by then we will have developed our gifts further and will be able to do something to help such children. Contrary to the motivations of other do-gooders, whether law agencies, priests or politicians, it is not the punishment of the guilty that drives me, it is the finding of a way to save the children. How dare these people assume for themselves the title of ‘lover of children’. They are anything but that! They bear no resemblance to those who are attracted to children as most of them would give their lives to save a child, would make great sacrifices to save a child from any hurt, mental or physical. Most of these poor souls find their only companionship and love within their own dreams and fantasies, not daring to try to make them come true, in case it scar the mind of a child. No, these above are not paedophiles, they are monsters!!

Dommi my love, I am sorry, I had to do this. I could not allow this evil and my foolishness to poison you.

Even knowing mention of this is in my diary has robbed me of the pleasure I so often indulged in, of re-reading and recalling our lives, my little (or big) foolishness, the tenderness and love. Now I have to place a stronger block on my own mind to prevent the girls finding out. At least for this once my Cherine has sensed the importance of keeping it hidden from them and is not trying to defy me to find out what it all is about. Perhaps she too has learnt a little wisdom. But then, I expect her to surpass me in wisdom, for I am often foolish.

Chapter Seventy Five

I need something to remind me of the purity, the beauty of my loves. I have been cursed in a way, in that I found myself becoming the lover of my girls, from Cherine onwards. On the other hand, since it was inevitable, thanks to our healers and the void, at least we were able to preserve the purity and beauty, thanks to our love for each other. Not once doing anything to hurt them or scar them with fear. With no other reason than that I need it, I am placing below one beloved painting, {Diana, ‘Pagan Dawn’}, that I have treasured for a while now for the feelings it evokes in me.

Our experiment at lowering the crime rate by showering the area with love had an unexpected result. We waited for Savva to let us know when the crime rate has risen to ‘average’ again and we ended up doing just that; waiting. Close to two weeks passed before he was able to report the last week has shown a rise again. This meant our experiment has had an effect that lasted over ten days! We could not believe it and neither did Savva. We scheduled another one and it was done in exactly the same way, except for one minor variation. This time Keith and Annabelle joined us. It should not have made a measurable difference as Cherine can only handle so much and then she has to release it, so we treated the experiment as being the same as the first one.

On another matter - Keith was given funds by Alki to get back on his feet again. The problem was that he could not act under his own name, nor teach within any field. We had Tasso create new identities for both of them with Keith as her guardian, but it means that Keith cannot produce a resume for submitting to employment agencies. I’m certain Alki would fund him if he wanted to start his own business, but, unfortunately Keith is one of those people who do not like the idea of running their own business. It is probably just as well, as I think that once he is caught up in the excitement of developing something new, he would ignore the other aspects of his business and drive his company into bankruptcy.

He took the time to be with his Annabelle, get to know her and assure himself that her love is not just the whim of a child - I believe dancing in the void has matured her love, for the soul does not fool itself as easily. This also gave her time to get to know him, to discover the tenderness that drives the man. They have both found what they want in the other, and time has only served to strengthen their bond. He feels it is now important they establish some semblance of a family life - he is tired of posing as her father and hiding his love.


Carried away by the enthusiasm of my intentions, I said, “Alki, I have arranged the papers for both of them. We can even help them learn so that when in public she can appear to be a young woman. What I cannot do is assist him in getting a job, something meaningful to him. On the other hand, you have a company which is establishing a reputation internationally. Think what it could mean to have a man with his knowledge working for you. Although he specialised in hardware and you do not produce any, if he could examine what you are doing and come up with improvements that would make your sites work faster, give a clearer picture or find other ways of creating improvements, you could farm out the production under licence.”

“You hear that Marian? First he says he cannot arrange him a job and then gives him a job with me. Do I have a say? No, of course not. Robert has spoken and his will shall be done.”

I cringed. “God Alki, I sure hope that was humour.”

“Keith, I know you spent time with him on your farm. If I may give you a piece of advice? Make sure you get a home for the two of you far away from him, otherwise he will wear you down. He wears his heart on his sleeve and you have to be careful all the time of what you say. He is very touchy, terrified anyone might admire him.”

“Alki you may be my father, I may love you very much, but the truth is that at times you can be a real pain in the butt. You know there are too many who are trying to see me as something special, put me high on a pedestal. I cannot bear anything that encourages that attitude.”

“See what I mean Keith? Can’t you take him off to a farm again and teach him to be more human?”

“I have a problem with that Alki. He taught me; with his amazing talent for love he made me a human again. When I met him I was living an empty life, each day only served to fill me with pain at the memory of what I had done. Now I have my love with me again. How can I ever repay him?”

“I suppose you will have to do so by taking the job he made available for you. Mind you, I do not pay the high salaries you would get in London.”

“He would not want a high salary from you Alki. He is bright enough to realise a lower salary with a small percentage of whatever he earns for you would be in his best interest.”

He performed in his ‘Zorba’ style, but we both knew that I was only spelling out for Keith the way Alki works anyway.

I interrupted. “Before he comes Keith, I should mention I have invited an officer from our local police station. He is one of us and though he saw you last night, I think he should know the truth about you and Annabelle. Only then can he help guard both of you.”

Savva knows about the two of them, of how Keith helped me to recover from the trauma of being thrown into his world, away from my loved ones. Of how he enabled me to force my way through to my protector so that I could be returned. He was fascinated by the idea of this man existing in this world twice. He made guarded enquiries and found the original of this world does exist and is also a professor.

With fear in his voice Keith asked whether he has found out if Annabelle exists, is she still alive?

“I think you may like the answer Keith. Your Annabelle, she is studying at high school. She is older than this one by about three or four years. This means you should also be younger than your original here?”

“Then she is alive. I did not kill her here.” We saw what a burden of fear he had been carrying. Annabelle had obviously not realised what he was going through and she threw her arms around him, her heart racing from the depth of the love that flooded her. Cherine sent it to Keith and returned both loves to Annabelle. The look on their faces as they stared at each other won over the romantic heart of Savva.

“You will please let me know where Keith is living so that I can see to it that he is left alone?” I confirmed it.


“They are a good addition to our group, are they not Savva?”

“Yes.” He answered softly.

I had to make a gibe (χλευάζω) at Cherine. “See love, even without your gift I have a one hundred per cent success at bringing in the right people.”

Alki scowled at me, “Have you got a complex about my daughter Robert?”

“Trust one of you to spoil it for me.” I responded with a rueful grin as Cherine put her hands above her head in victory.

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Cherine - victory dance
I hope you enjoy reading this story of fantasy, adventure and love.

Αλέξανδρος Ζήνον Ευσταθίου
(Alexander Zenon Eustace)
12th September
* posted on Steemit: 12th September, 2018

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I found this quite extraordinary:

A couple of years ago I phoned a clinic for advice on how to help a child and the woman identified herself as Samantha. She asked me to call back and to ask for Cherine, as she is better qualified.

I felt, for more than just a few minutes, that I was thrown into a surreal world.

Life sure can get odd at times....

You had any strange experiences like these?

Write and let me know...

kalimera... molis to diavasa.... ti paizei me thn Keith?