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Canon 5D mark III + Canon EF 85mm f1.2

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Exif: 1/160s f8.0 ISO100

Canon 5D mark III + Canon EF 85mm f1.2

lightning setup:

Main Light: standard silver reflector @2.5m
Retouch: Lightroom + Photoshop

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WOW!! Very nice captures. Thnx for sharing. Upvoted en followed!

As a programmer I realised the more mistakes I made the more I learnt, I was lucky enough to have a boss that allowed commis to make mistakes as long as they weren't served to customers. When I did my bachelors degree the lecturer told us the principles of the given course and then gave us a problem to solve ourselves. I'm extremely grateful to people like yourself, who allow us to see a true master at work and give us some direction. But unless I go away and work out how to put what I have to be shown us into practice but adjusting it to my own situation then I have wasted your time and I feel I have insulted you. Now in my 20s I'm really enjoying being on another journey of learning and using my brain and I thank you, I'm much more grateful to you than you know. One question I have is why do we have to use different lenses during specific photography scenes and sites as well? Why can't I just use one lense


Thanks! I will give You one example and hope You will understand why to use different lenses for different situations. If You use 35mm fixed lens for close portrait You will get very ugly look :) Yours model proportions will be destroyed because of physics and perspective. Better to use 50mm and above (for crop cameras) and 85mm and above (for full frame cameras). This is for portraits.

Landscape photographers uses wide angle lenses, because they want to capture all view and not a part of it (with more mm lens, You will get less of that landscape in Your photo) :)


Wow! Thanks a lot. This is really insightful.

It's good to read your article. Thanks for writing this article.

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great work @fotomindo


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The picture is amazing! I have two lenses myself as well, one for portrait and one for wide shots. I always get happy when I get to use the portrait, you can capture such beautiful traits from the subject!

So simple and beautiful portrait! Love the contrast of the lips with the backround

Girls every time look so sexy

Glomorous lightning! The 85mm lens is just the best for portraits.

IMPRESIONANTE.. existe esa persona... esto solo es de profesionales.. lo felicito por su trabajo.. si que debe de disfrutarlo.

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it simply magnifies.