MALE CONTRACEPTION - It's close, but can men be trusted?

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Science is ever moving forward. Sometimes it accidentally solves problems (I’m looking at you Viagra and Penicillin) and other times, researches spend a lifetime trying to find the answer to a problem.

For all of history, both far back and more recent, the burden of birth control has mainly rested on the shoulders of the sex singularly tasked with also handling the birth. Men have condoms, but in the last few decades women have had general access to a pill that will stop the production of eggs. It’s not without it’s side effects, both good and bad, but it generally works and we all say amen. But it’s expensive, sometimes hard to get depending on your race or location, and lots of women don’t want to put harsh hormones into a body that most people don’t understand to begin with.

But guys suck. They don’t pull out when they say (because generally whilst orgasming, men can’t even see, let alone time an accurate maneuver before giving over to the bliss.) And others are just shitty because they don’t give a damn.

So with the recently published advances in male contraception, a question arises: Would men use it? And the follow up question is would the use it reliably enough to be trust-worthy?

Women don’t generally trust a man will pull out (and if they do, they are weighing a TON of circumstances and rationalizations). So can a woman really be expected to trust a man when he says, “I’ve taken the pill today and every day for the last 45 days.”

Not to pile on, but if you pay attention to the comedians, men are bad at tons of things that come easily to women. General hygiene. Remembering simple tasks. Not being cheating lying sons of bitches. Taking responsibility of their actions.

At the end of the day, the burden and responsibility lands on the female. It’s not fair, but if the man is careless, a liar or even just simply an idiot, (leaving out the statistically likelihood that the male pill isn’t perfect anyway) then the woman is still responsible for the new life growing inside her and what she has to do with it. A man may feel financially or morally responsible, but it doesn’t hold a candle to the female burden.

Let me put it this way. If there was a law that stated that every time my friend and I hang out, I’m responsible for whatever he does when he drinks, you bet your ass I’m slapping every beer from his mouth and probably taking his wallet for good measure. No matter what he says or how many times he HASN’T taken a swing at a bouncer.

Injecting a gel into the balls that stops the tube connecting the balls to the tip is a little more trustworthy, but even then, is it gonna become common practice on Tinder to post a picture of your shaved ball hair and tiny injection scar to prove you did it? Will some lazy guy just fake that too?

You tell me.


I don't think even at the moment, anyone has to prove that they are in possession of contraception on. So no, don't think any pics will float around of shaved balls. They will just be the usual dickpics that are tinder anyway.

More importantly, men have it easy, and that may very well be a result of patriarchy. Once things are easy, no one would want to give an easy life up and assume that men just act a certain way.

I think contraception will not go beyond latex. Inserting gel anywhere except the a-hole will not propagate far as an idea for contraception.

I don't know, it seems like a super easy way to solve the accidental pregnancy issue and make sex more enjoyable. It's just probably more useful in monogamous relationships than in something more casual.

Not all man can be trusted with that. I mean, some man would say anything just to have intercourse. It's still better for a woman to take precautions for herself with this kind of important matters.

It's a hard thing to come to terms with, but I almost have to agree.

Thing of it is, we males are hard-wired to spread our seed. I am skeptical of all approaches to male contraception, except for that of the eunuchs.

Right but that's the whole point. We have the ability now to make sex about something different and curb that amount of unwanted pregnancies.

I don't be concerned about contraception, i can use condoms and pills for that. But if the beloved had some VD like AIDS or Gonorrea, damn, you got troubled a lot...

Sure sure, but what I'm asking about is if YOU'RE the one who's responsible for the contraception.

it is good to sex with some prevention but pills for womens have lot of side effect some time it effect the baby pouch which cause of no baby production for life.Awerness is very important because science is not cure of every thing @writesbackwards

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