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We had an amazing sky the other day. The golden hour. Sunset. I may have missed the glory by a few minutes as it only takes a few for color and light to change.

With camera in hand, I quickly made it to the corner of my street to try to catch the beautiful sunset without having the barrier of houses. I had a fairly clear shot from the corner to the west where the local high school is located.

I don't recall ever seeing a sunset with such striking dark rays.

moments later

Can you see animal shapes in the clouds?

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Nikon D3100
Nikkor Lens 55mm-200mm
Adobe Lightroom

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Use your own photos - no paintings, no drawings, no digital art please!

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Thanks to @erikah for initiating #sevendaysoutside photography challenge.


You did get some of that crazy atmospheric shadowing, too! The cloud almost looks like some sort of creature looking out over the landscape.

Momma bear, and a baby in front and one in the back. See?? Yes we did get the same crazy shadowing. I've never seen it before!

Wow, I've never seen anything like it. The shape of the cloud reminds me of your dog, Deb :)

Aw....Abbey. I thought it looked like a big bear and two in front and the other in the back. ... I like that it looks like Abbey though - she's kind of a teddy bear.

I see a man with curly hair looking down, a Chihuahua at his back.

I spent my childhood looking at sunsets next to power lines. I was just thinking the other day how I prefer it that way. It is a comfort to me - a reminder of the beauty of nature and a cozy family life.

lol....that's awesome. I see a big bear looking at a little bear followed by another baby bear.

I spent my childhood sky looking as well and I don't mind the power lines either. They add some charm in my opinion. Some photographers remove the lines.

Your kids are fortunate to have such an imaginative mom to guide them.

I see the bears now!

Such dramatic use of light - reminds me of Turned or Constable's paintings.

Thank you. I'll have to google those artists. Never heard of them before. :)

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That's a great composition, I love the second one, not that the first one is not great :)

The second one was about 5 minutes .. maybe....later. The sky color changes so quickly during a sunset.

I agree, sometimes you can get a totally different imagine in just a minute.