7 Day Black & White Challenge Day 7


7 Day Black & White Challenge - Instructions

  • Take seven photographs in B&W, each photograph representing a part of your life.
  • You must post a picture a day for seven days.
  • There cannot be any people in the photo.
  • You must not explain the photo.
  • Nominate a different person to take part in the seven day challenge every day.
  • Use sevendaybnwchallenge as your main tag.

Today I nominate: @cantdecide


Nice little Doge! What kind is it?

To tell you the truth I don’t know. My neighbor found him all beaten up and we decided to keep him about 2 month ago. The coyotes left him for dead up the canyon. He is the nicest dog I ever met though. Seriously so good even with my kids.

That’s awesome that you guys basically brought him back to life. A dog’s a kids bestfriend. I remember growing up with a dog and it was a blast!

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