Reflections on the 7 Day Beer Challenge

The 7 Day Beer Challenge was a really fun challenge and it really got me thinking about a lot of things…

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I like how it got me to post each day, as now I feel like I should post everyday because I have done it habitually for a week. This was a really good way to get regimented that way. I really have enjoyed my experience on here so far and feel like I have a lot to say, but sometimes I can put posting aside because of other priorities in life! If you are having issues consistently posting and using Steemit, this challenge is for you.

One weird aspect I found to the challenge was that, for once, I didn't really feel like drinking! When you have to drink beer as part of some responsibility, it does not make it quite as fun. When I enjoy a beer, it typically feels sporadic and out of whim (even though it’s not) and when you need to have one in order to stay loyal to the challenge, it does not feel so spontaneous and indulgent. In fact, after this challenge, I believe I am due for a reverse version of the challenge, another beer fast. Just 2-3 weeks this time where I can challenge myself to not have beer.

But onto more positive things...another reason the challenge was so great was I got to meet a lot of new beer drinkers on Steemit. I feel like there is a pretty amazing beer scene on Steemit already, but this challenge got me exposed to dozens of new beer drinkers. I got to hear about a lot of great new beers that I now want to try as well as reminding me of some classics I want to have again. Thank you @cryptictruth for reminding me that I need to get some Two-Hearted and Oberon in my life. Thank you @bigskycustoms for having some amazing darker ales that I can put on the list. Other highlights included @opaulo posting “Naughty Neighbor” and @elliotjgardner posting the Hefeweizen from Lithic Brewing in Wales. Challenges like this and @beersaturday are major driving forces in creating a more diverse, interesting, and stronger beer community here on Steemit.

The best aspect of the beer challenge is that it takes you out of your comfort zone, and that is one of the best things you can do for yourself. A lot of the participants of the challenge I have seen are not even beer drinkers or avid craft beer fans, and so it was not only funny but rewarding to see a lot of people doing something they did not want to necessarily do. At least people who don't like beer can say that they tried, at least people can say they reached out and nominated others even if they are new to Steemit. All these challenges get people more outgoing and I think that is a lot about what drives Steemit forward - doing something different and new, becoming part of an emerging community, meeting new people.

If you have not yet embarked on this journey, please do!!! No matter what happens you will not regret it. If you take the challenge, you will undoubtedly reach new followers and gain exposure on Steemit. I will be rooting for you! If you have not joined the challenge because you have not been nominated, I am nominatie you right now, please tag me if you accept my challenge!!

Tonight, I am enjoying my friend Alex’s homebrew. What we have here is a super hazy tropical beer with about a pound of Mosaic in it!! Super fruity, juicy, and smooth. He has been really making some tasty brews the last few times.

Cheers everyone!

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thanks for the shoutout @bradlovesbeer! I hope you do pickup some beers. I see Ballast Point is setting up a facility in Chicago, so if you haven't been exposed to their beers, you will be now. They have some really good stuff. I agree with the beer community on Steemit, although I seem to have lost some that were following me. Back on hard times. I had to laugh as you said you might go on a beer fast and then had a beer. I agree with, having to drink a beer everynight seemed like a chore, I typically do not drink every night and I came down with some of the crud making its rounds, so that didn't help.


Thanks for the heads up! I had no idea Ballast Point was setting up here but I looked into today. Can't wait.

Thank you for your contributions @bradlovesbeer! I'm kind of feeling the same way in regards to the way you described the challenge. However, it is great for getting to know more beer lovers and getting the word out for many great beers around the country.

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It definitely looked like you had fun doing it! Trying new beers is a great way to expand your beer horizons and allow you to better give other people recommendations!

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Glad you had fun overall with the challenge. I was nominated for this, and might do it at some point in the future.

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