Can we do this SEVEN77 Family ? [ReSteem only, No Comments please]

in #seven774 years ago


You don’t need to post any link in the in comments

If you haven’t done it yet then please do it for our Blockchain

You don’t need to even say that you’ve voted because SEVEN77 Family should trust each other

Please kindly do not leave any comments on this post

ReSteem only ( Upvoting is okay )


Thank you @NathanMars7.., i have resteemed!

Only 5 to go and we set set for Steem to be listed there. :)

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Steem is already activated on the website. :)

100 push-ups 100 steem, why upvoting and No commenting?

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Let's push STEEM up with SEVEN77

Because I usually respond to every single comment on my post and yesterday I was super busy and so I asked not to comment


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