I See Your Sevens and Raise You Many More Sevens!

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I Choose You!

Now you must accept my challenge or I swear to all that is holy that I possibly might just leave this place if I'm feeling up to it at some point in the future!

But first!

Have 77 sevens!


So now that I have thrown down the gauntlet, here is my deadly challenge for all of you!

Make 7,077 sevens each in 7,000,000 consecutive posts! If you don't, then...well...you know my threat! It maybe could possibly happen if the timing is right!

I'll be watching! Don't hurt my feelings!

We goin' viral, bros! See you on the m00n!

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only into 3s. 7s are overrated


Yeah. I immediately regretted not going with 8s. Rookie mistake. :(

Meh. Gonna do something else. You might just as well pick up your gauntlet and go somewhere else ;)

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OMG! How toxic! That’s extremely New OldSteemTM of you!

It's hard to ditch my OldSteem ways.

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7 cent upvote for you, sir!

Thanks for not making this go viral. What I needed was your $7,777.77 upvote.

Stop holding out on me!!!

Dude. You forgot to pay me. If you want this to go viral, that's my money, not yours.

Oh, crap. I forgot we were still on Steem.

How much do I owe you for your $0.07 vote?

The first 7 is free. It's good 7, best in town. If and when you need more 7, you know where to find me. Tell 7 friends and I'll give you a discount on a 77. No cops.


I told this guy that’s an acquaintance of a friend. Kinda new in town. Said he’s lookin’ for a good amount of 7s for a big meetup later this week. Wanted to speak directly with the dude that supplies me with my 7s.

I asked if he was a copper. He said he wasn’t. So I gave him your name and where he could find you on a Saturday night so that you can supply him with a bunch of 7s for everyone to enjoy.

He said he’d find you and bring some coin and a couple of friends who were also interested in purchasing large quantities of 7s. They were really appreciative of the info. Said they’d pay me a good finder’s fee if they caught up with you and made the transaction.

Sounds like we’re both about to be swimming in a hell of a lot more 7s, bro!

The guy did seem a little out of place though. Oh, well. Riches incoming soon!

The guy did seem a little out of place though.

Ah shit it's probably just nerves. It's not every day someone starts flashing those 7's around.

We're gonna be rich!

Yeah, probably nerves.

He was very well-dressed. Black suit. Sunglasses. Clean-cut. Looked like he was carrying too. Probably some kind of corporate security guy hoping to have a good time with his buddies...or maybe just making a 7s run for his clients.

There was a jacket in the back seat of his car. Had big yellow letters on it. Some kind of acronym. Maybe IBM or DHL or something. Might be working for FaceBook Inc., perhaps.



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no u

Here I thought I was going to be a STEEM Hundredaire! Well, guess not after the scathing TwitterTM/Post Comment Tongue lashing I dished out to a certain someone.

Guess I will go watch some of those videos by sooooooooooo not #newsteem Jerry Banfield wannabe's How to Scam The New Frontends type videos. Are you getting your Free Jerry Upvote Today? It is all the rage!


I’m stumped.

But semi-intrigued, given my wife was just checking up on “angel number 7” a couple hours ago... 🤔🗝

Well, why do you think I wrote this post?

By the way...that picture looks great above your couch! Really ties the room together. :)

Picture above couch...?? 🤔

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@roger5120 I challenge you to these 7's.

That’s the spirit! You’re helping STEEM m00n!

Am already on a Challenge. You’re not.

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No video challenges for me.


No what?

I thought my “no” was self explanatory.

At one post per minute that would only take about 13 and a half years, totally doable. I'll get right on it as soon as I finish those seven push ups on twitter slotted for the second Tuesday of next week :0)

Meet you on the Moon David. I will make coffee!

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The self righteousness of them thinking that the threat of leaving will work is down right funny. I just smile, nod, and keep scrolling.

I don’t even smile. I get angryface, flip tables over, kick puppies, push children down, and yell at whoever is on the television.

I'm sensing some frustrations.

I get angry over everything else in my life so I have to let this stupid shit slide off me, or scroll by it. If I got upset over this shit too I would be a total mess.

We are going to the moon, just not how we thought.

This may be the only Moon we’re heading to...