MacGyver : The Original Show... like you have never seen before !

in series •  2 months ago

I will always love MacGyver. I mean the original show with Richard Dean Anderson.


As a child, travelling the globe, discovering new countries in an adventurous way like him was a dream. For those who could not read my first post, I'm French and I traveled alone with my backpack for 4 years. I discovered more than 30 countries.

And Yes : I always have the Swiss Knife that my father gave me during my childhood !

All that to say that this morning, I came across this video posted by CBS Entertainment announcing the master HD of the complete season 1.

You must confess: what a amazing job !!!

A Blu-ray box will be released on October 30. For my part, I already pre-ordered the product. And I can not wait to rediscover the show !


Dorine Clay

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