Sepia Saturday Statues at St Marys

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Sepia Saturday Statues at St Marys

Happy Saturday everyone and as it is Saturday time for a Sepia Saturday post for the challenge hosted by @old-guy-photos.
This is a challenge I enjoy joining I love how Sepia Images have a sort of timeless feel to them, that said I seldom did Sepia till this challenge started, but now I try and make it a regular thing for my Saturday morning post.

For this weeks post I will share a few of the Statues I saw at St Marys Church near Vernon Blvd and 49th Ave.
Starting with a shot of the three statues, which I take to be Mary and two angels

1 Sepia Saturday St Marys LIC.jpg

Sony A7iii 28mm F8 1/60 Sec ISO 200
Click here to view larger

This is a closer in shot of the Statue of Saint Mary

1 Sepia Saturday St Marys LIC-3.jpg

Sony A7iii 63mm F8 1/60 Sec ISO 100
Click here to view larger

And here is one of the angels

1 Sepia Saturday St Marys LIC-4.jpg

Sony A7iii 70mm F8 1/80 Sec ISO 100
Click here to view larger

And for the last Shot of the other angel although most of the image is sepia, I had to keep the color for the stained glass windows in the background

1 Sepia Saturday St Marys LIC-2.jpg

Sony A7iii 770mm F8 1/60 Sec ISO 125
Click here to view larger

And thats it for this post, the churck is a lovely little church and I took some shots of it as well, but I will share those perhaps with color in another post sometime

Sony A7iii 16mm F8 1/200 Sec ISO 100
Click here to view larger

unless stated otherwise all photos used in my posts are taken and owned by myself, if you wish to use any of my images please contact me.


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!steemitworldmap 40.7433776 lat -73.952904 long St Marys Church 49th Ave Long Island City d3scr

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There seems to be a lot of good energy exuded from these statues and the bricks, metal and other background pieces add lovely charm too. That stained glass kept colorful is a pleasant treat! Stained glass has such a fun appeal. Best luck in the contest!


Thanks for such a thoughtful and kind comment it really gave me a big smile to read it
I wasn't so sure what people would think with the splash of color for the stained glass windows, so good to know you like it ;)

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Thanks kindly i always appreciate your support ;)

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I like the angels! Very nice!


Thanks :)

I always love to see your sepia photos. The last one with the stained glass is brilliant.


Thanks I do have fun looking for shots that may work and trying them out in Sepia, Some just do not work but I was happy with how these came out

I wasnt sure what people would think of the splash of color of the windows nice to know you like it

These are perfect images for sepia, and I love the stained glass color splash. Well done! !tipuvote


Thanks so much, I wasnt sure what people would think of the color splash windows so it is nice to get some feedback on them :)

Buenos días amigo @tattoodjay que tenga un feliz fin de semana . Lindas estatuas amigo, lo felicito por su hermoso trabajo que aporta a esta plataforma. Feliz día.


Thanks Kindly Edgar such a nice comment is truly appreciated,
you to have a great weekend

Stained window photo just perfect :-)


Thanks I wasn't so sure how people would think about that one, but it is actually my favorite of the three shots

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Thanks I enjoy seeing these updates on how I am doing on here :)

The sepia works wonderful with the subject matter:)


Thanks so kind of you to say

I really like these! Was it taken today or 75 years ago!!! Perfect.


Thanks thats the cool thing with Sepia gives such a timeless feel :)

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