Some Sepia Saturday!

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Kind of a natural for sepia I thought. An old radiator for indoor heating...still working though!


Welcome To My:

Sepia Saturday

An old timey water well made for a decent sepia idea.


An historical marker for Robert E Lee in North Carolina.


Side view of Monticello.


A Must-have even at the beautiful Monticello lol!


Have a wonderful weekend friends!

Thanks for stopping by!

All words and images are mine and can be also found on my various social media sites. Now I must add that some of the shots I steal from my son Ben @silver314 , but I feed him so he can sue me lol.



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I like the historical marker of Robert E, Lee... was he a personal friend of Jeffersons?

Oh, you do the best Sepia!

Have a most wonderful weekend.

Upped and steemed


Hiya! No I didnt mean to confuse the post, like I see I must have. That monument was along the road near the lodge we stayed at In North Carolina. It was not on the grounds of Monticello. I believe Lee would have been near 20 when Jefferson died. The monument was erected by the Daughters of the Confederacy which erect many such monuments along highways and in towns.

Oh you too! I am hitting the road again for a trip tomorrow :)

Oh, Excellent!! Where are you off to?

Well if I say I may be mobbed by all the old women lovers from YouTube lol!!! You know I got so many fans!

Actually it is an Asian Festival in Grand Rapids so a couple hour drive west for me :). Nothing big or glamorous!

Perfect old look for the old stuff :-)

Thanks Mike!

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