STEEMIT SEO PART 5 - Final Checklist Before You Publish!

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In the previous two parts of this series on "Steemit SEO", we talked about:

Today, I feel like there is only a few things left to talk about when it comes to on-page SEO optimization. First, I would like to thank @bodyinbeta for noticing something special when it comes to publishing your article...more on that below.

By the way, if you enjoy the content of this series, I suggest that you follow me as I am trying to publish on the topic of SEO as often as possible.

DISCLAIMER: Please, if you are a newbie to steemit, don't bother with what I am talking about here. This article is targeted to people who want to use for other things than the payout and the social network.

You Are Just About to Publish Your Article...WAIT!

So you wrote your article, considered everything that was written on this series before. There are a few things you might want to consider...

1. If you are going hard on a difficult your article long enough?

Long form content now tend to rank better. Why? Because a 2000 words article appears much more authoritative on a topic than a 500 words one.

2. Do you have enough regular voters or Steem Power to have DoFollow?

Like I mentioned in a previous article, DoFollow is the whole point of doing SEO on steemit. My research indicate that for an article to have the links become DoFollow, the article needs to be valued over $10.

What is the point of writing a 2000 words article only to have no link juice from it?

The first way you can get DoFollow everytime is by buying enough SteemPower so that when you vote on your article, you are guaranteed to hit threshold. If you are a SEO agency, that shouldn't be too big of an expense...especially since you will recoup your investment with curation rewards over time (as well as money directed to your own articles).

But if the first option is not for you, then you have to consider learning the game of having popular articles. This is beyond the scope of this article but I might touch it in future articles. I've been here since the beginning and I've seen people do it by being consistent, networking and adding value to the ecosystem.

3. Chose your first tag wisely

Thanks to @bodyinbeta for making me notice, the first tag will be embedded in your permalink! Make it your keyword!

You can see in the permalink above that SEO was the first tag and that is now in the permalink. Another thing that might be interesting to investigate would be the page authority of the tag itself and how it could influence your own page authority. Investigation is needed.

4. Publish your title for the permalink THAN edit it to be a headline

As you can see, for the one above, I wanted the permalink to be /steemit-seo-part-2. So what I did was have that being my title. After I hit "POST". I went back and changed it for a better headline for better CTR on the search engine and on steemit which was:



This is kind of the final checklist before you publish your article. I hope you enjoyed it this on-page section of my series. I'm getting married next week so I might be short on time to write those articles for you but I'll do my best to keep bringing more content. If you enjoy the content of this series, I suggest that you follow me as I am trying to publish on the topic of SEO as often as possible.


Hey buddy ,im super glad that you are married now. What a fantastic moment in your life. Congratulations from all my heart. Your post about articles is perfect and very helpful. I would love to buy more steem power ,but ain't have money ,and earning here upvotes are pretty hard . I also have 1k followers ,but only 0.4% responds on my uploads. Is it possible for little help from you? Have a good day😉

I resteem, So good post in here

I'm going to go over the earlier lessons, glad I found you! This is great infomation,

This is a complete SEO lesson that you can apply to your own blog..@cryptoctopus

Good post, thank you for the info. The length of the article is a very important factor. However, personally i would always like to obtain the information that i want in a fast, clean way. Straight-forward answers are always better imo ...but it is just my opinion. I will follow you for more articles similar to this. Great job :)

same here, while I appreciate the effort put in writing long blogs, I tend to get lazy reading long blogs, I skim them quickly. There is so much info out there, the briefest way to tell a story or share news is my prefered way.

I ran a small search engine optimization company here in Denver Colorado for dentists gold buyers and real estate agents. @briandenver I would often sit down with the business owner to discuss keywords and inform them about websites and videos that need to be linked up so that they would be able to be found on Google search engine. Google's algorithm was always changing and the growth of Facebook users change the marketplace changed drastically. I now try to leave optimized replies and comments on people's posts so that they can be found on Google and other search engines. I only have a few followers now but I have made it a point to make an optimized comment on every followers new post to give them a start on this social media format.

Thanks for up voting my replies @briandenver please check out my recent blog posts, and up vote and I will return the favor.

Is the author of this article allowed up Upvote the comments being made on this post? @briandenver looks like this one could go viral with a little help from the author. How many of votes are you allowed to have in one day?

I had no idea that you had to hit ~$10 for the do-follow to kick in. I'm learning allot from these write ups you are doing.

Congratulations on the upcoming wedding!

awesone post @cryptoctopus
it's very useful for me to write article in my blog.
thank you for sharing. i'll wait your next tips.

Absolutely awesome information @cryptoctopus all your articles i read thoroughly and i feel a lot more confident now to write.

This is a complete SEO lesson that you can apply to your own blog outside steemit.

Thank you for your great contents. Very interesting on reading your articles. I am post about Japan in 3 language (in english,Japanese,Korean) to boost up Japanese steemit community in Tokyo. If you have any questions about Japan, Please let me know. I do my best to response with steemian especially. Good Luck with Steem. @steemitjp you can get inspiration with posting Regards David.

Me gusta mucho tus sugerencias, soy de escribir post cortos me gusta la informacion sencilla y directa un estilo fresco es el que quiero¡

o_O The info about the permalink is very important! Thanks for the information; I will consider it for my next articles :D
I have a question here...

The first way you can get DoFollow everytime is by buying enough SteemPower so that when you vote on your article, you are guaranteed to hit threshold.

How much do you recommend to invest?=)
Thank you!!

As you as you can afford without putting yourself in danger ;-)
Basically, when you have steempower, you can pay yourself first on everypost you write + you get curation rewards to increase your holdings. I can't see how someone loses with that!

Hi @cryptoctopus I've written an article about you, check it out if you can, thanks.

21 Best Steemians Of The Day To Follow 6th August 2017

Great tip with changing the title permalink. Maybe in the future, we will get the option like we have in Wordpress where you can manually change that before publishing.

I guess the issue is, most people cant afford (anymore) to buy a lot of steem power to upvote their own posts and don't (yet) have the followings either. I am one of those, and all i can do i guess is continue to create valuable content and hope people see that it will be worth following and eventually upvoting me. In any case good luck here and congratz on your 'hot' post!

This is actually extremely useful, thanks. I've been working on a couple articles I plan to publish next week and was worried 2000 words would be too long and get passed over. I'm still aiming to make each article concise and focused, but 2000 words seems like a reasonable target. I was previously aiming for 1000 and felt like I was cutting too much and presenting incomplete arguments.

oooohhh dear
I hope you and your lucky wife start a great life
and you back here soon
and keep it on :)
upvoted @cryptoctopus

Makes sense, thanks for the tips and congrats on getting married 😁🎊🎉

Very well written post. Informative indeed. Thanks for the tips..

Nice, I didn't know you can change the URL of the post, after it being published.

you can't. You create the URL with the first title. You can then change the title but the URL won't change.

Oops, sorry I misunderstood.

This series is so helpful, thanks so much! It answers so many questions, and I'll be studying it as I start to create posts both on Steemit and on my regular blogs.

I've followed you , too.

Hey thanks for sharing, maybe I'm a newbie but I read it anyway :). Best of luck with your marriage!

I went to view source, even on the post you voted in one of your segments, and I didn't see the dofollow link. Can you explain this more so we can verify ourselves? I'm not seeing how they show up. Thanks.

Dofollow has no markup...only rel="nofollow" can be done. So if you dont see nofollow then you are good.

On a $5 decline payout, or $40 post, I just only have it for some Steemit menu items:

<a href="/privacy.html" rel="nofollow" data-reactid="57">Privacy Policy</a></li><li class="last" data-reactid="58"><a href="/tos.html" rel="nofollow" data-reactid="59">

very nice science... @cryptoctopus
I hope we can be friends

please come to my blog
i just vote and follow you

I like the detail you go into explaining the checklist. I'm glad you mentioned the first as most important because I found that out the hard way.🙀

Congratulations on your wedding! Good post!

I followed ..and If I can, I want to translate your post to Korean and Japanese with your ID..Is is possible?

Thank you so much . I believe Your article related to SEO are so usefule to steemian.

Thanks for the info! I probably still count as a newbie but at least I can keep this in mind for when I transition to a full-fledged minnow :)


Complete preparation for posting in steemit. If I was until the morning just to sleep if the coffee is complete. thanks for sharing

Do you do marketing of any type of teaching yourself ? Or you wrote this based on your personal experience because @cryptoctopus I must admit , you are good at what you do

I want to see part 6

Very good and usefull article, I believe it also can be used by newcommers as well.

some good points to consider here thanks for sharing valuable things .

Great information. Thank you.

Good post, thank you for the info

If one can follow this lesson whole heartedly, in short period of time minnows will turn to whales.

Conclusion. I like post yoe

I re posted, what do you think about users that leave optimization comments? I used to own and an SEO company here in Denver Colorado @briandenver I was never able to get anyone to leave and optimize comment on any of my blog posts. Any suggestions? If you would like and optimize reply on your post please be sure to follow me and about my content thanks Brian in Denver Colorado

upped and resteemed... Valuable stuff

I worked over a year for an SEO company and I was amazed that wr could take a company and literally they will fly through their competitors and they were placed among the top 3-5 on first page of google.
Seo many small businesses did not understand the platform we created & once their phones starting ringing & they were making $$$ they were happy and again i get that warm fuzzy feeling inside .My background diverse but with all I have done ,I have helped others that in itself is a great acheivement!

@cryptoctopus Thanks For Your Useful Post....

We want part 6 !

I know you my friend, and you are awesome, i know that. !! @ronaldmcatee

This information is very useful, thanks for sharing and I hope to be able to implement these tips when I start making my own content :)

Congratulations on the future event and I wish you great happiness))) Also, I look forward to new posts)))

Hey @cryptoctopus , would love to offer to come onto my podcast sometime.

It is all about entrepreneurs; what you are doing, believe in and what difference you are making in the world.

Here is the playlist:

It is audio only over skype. Does this sound of interest to you?

Thanks for your very informative blog series.

I'm fairly new to SEO and brand new to Steem so at the moment I'm just lurking and learning. So far I've been impressed with the level of content and comments . Looking forward to your future articles. Keep up the good work.

Wow thats look fantastic voted .I love the way you take the reader on a journey with you. I tried some poetry recently hope you like @funnystuff
love and takecare😊

I was very happy to read your posts @cryptoctopus

I think I have been improving the quality of my publications but they still receive very low bonuses compared to similar content. I am from the Hispanic Community and my content is in Spanish, in general we are looking to grow within Steemit but it has cost us ... there is a large margin of difference between the bonuses perceived between publications depending on the language in which they are written...

I arrived this platform with desire to share quality content related to cinema and music, and I plan to keep doing it!

I sincerely appreciate the opinion you may have regarding my publications ... I do not know if it is too much to ask you to see one of my last publications and you can give me your opinion and if possible your recommendations ... I came looking forward to stay! Thank you very much!

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