magic eggs

in #senery3 years ago

hello my steemit friend tonight about a miracle of the world,
a chicken egg inside which is in the shape of a calf and maybe everyone does not believe it but it is nyanta because I see myself or see with my own eyes,
from the chicken egg is the base of the egg and the story of this egg from a kiosk in my hometown and kebutos people who have a kiosk is keeping some chicken behind his house and each chicken lay eggs then the egg will be brought to the kiosk where he sells then from there the eggs appear exactly the calf,
and here's a picture that is clearer again because that find the magic egg is a grandfather named grandfather aminah and according to the grandfather's acknowledgment that the egg was going to fried and he broke and seen how come this egg egg and chicken egg usually in the middle of his right this yellow color like a calf and he brought out his eggs and in show the same people who are in the coffee shop near the house of the mother aminah and other people were surprised to see the chicken eggs.


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