🤳Selfie With 🍐🍊🍒 Fruit(s)🍊🍐🍒 👉Challenge👈 🍉Fresh Fruits🍓 Fresh You☺️And chance to win 💰50 Whaleshares & 2 SBD💰

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Everybody loves to have different fruits every day. No need to say fruits are one of the healthiest food on this planet contains lots of essential nutrients. All fruits are not available over the year. It comes according to the season and it is always healthy to eat local seasonal fruits.

Fruits are always colorful and attractive and in the era of "selfie craze" a thought came to my mind - let's have a selfie with fruit(s).

Now it is your turn to take your mobile and capture a creative selfie and win exciting prizes of-

🍒🍇🥝 🍒🍇🥝🍒🍇🥝

💰50 Whaleshares and 2 SBD💰

🍒🍇🥝 🍒🍇🥝🍒🍇🥝

selfie with fruit image.jpg

These images are just for representation, use your own imagination to take a selfie

How To Participate

Just you have to take a unique and creative selfie with fruit(s), make a post and post a link in the comment section.

Eligibility Rule

  • Just Upvote & Resteem this contest post. It is completely optional, but it will help to popularize this contest.
  • You can post 1 selfie in a post but if you Upvote & Resteem this post, you are eligible to include up to 3 selfies, which will increase your chances to win.
  • Tripod should not be used to take photograph, it should be taken self, i.e. selfie!
  • It could be a individual or group selfie.
  • It is advised to take a selfie with whole fresh, locally grown and seasonal fruits. But it is not compulsory.
  • Fruits should be real. Selfie with artificial or photographic fruits will be disqualified.
  • One of the tags should be #selfiewithfruits, while #vegan tag is optional.
  • DEADLINE TO SUBMIT YOUR ENTRY - 24 Hours before post-payout.

Winner Selection Criteria

Winner will be selected on the basis of

  • Uniqueness and how creative is the selfie.
  • Quality of the photograph
    So use your imagination while taking selfie(s)

Winner will be selected by myself @chetanpadliya
Decision will be final once result is announced

Prize sponsor

Sincere thanks to @krazykrista and @officialfuzzy for the prize of 50 Whaleshares. To know more bout Whaleshares you are welcome to join the Whaleshares Project's Discord Community.

So what are you thinking now? Just take a part and win exciting prizes with your selfie!

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Another lovely contest my friend!

Nice photos fruits

great think bro

Such a fun contest, I had a blast with letting my imagination fly! 😊

Here's my entry:

Nice sir...Please visit my blog sir...

Love to at least have one entry and many thanks to @chetanpadliya for this unique contest, though I'm not confident of winning but im proud of my entry.


Please edit your link, unable to open this.


Can you please check @chetanpadliya if this time it will work.

Awesome! I love fruits. I'm really confused on the fruit to use for this contest.

Lemme think.....

Haha this sounds fun!


Kualitas fotonya cantik

eew... wanted to join this

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When is the deadline?


24 Hours before pay out.


So it can go on as long as people keep adding new entry!? I want to join still cooking my creative ideas...

Oh! It's something for me! I definitely need to take a part in this contest:)

This is super, Chetan! Love your contests!
Have resteemed it and I will participate.

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Thanks you for letting me know about the challenge! My entry is here:

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