Green tea and coconut oil

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I have been religiously drinking green tea in the past 2 months, I mean as my main beverage. Before, green tea just a beverage that I drink when I'm eating sushi or anything to do with eating raw fish/sashimi.
I noticed that this habit really helped me with losing my weight. My waistline gets a smaller number in just 1months. I used to experiment with coconut oil too, the same positive effect on my waistline. It's just that now I'm in Japan, green tea is more accessible than coconut oil, I mean in terms of the price too. You can google around their benefit to know more about other great health benefits they give you.

This bottle lasts me for 2months. I used coconut oil as my make up removal too.

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I visited Taiwan a few years ago and it got me in the habit for a while after of drinking hot tea with every meal. I need to get back into the habit because I looked and felt my healthiest then. Nice post!

Glad my post reminds you to get back to a healthy habit of drinking tea. Thanks for dropping by!

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