That's Why We Have a Self-Voting Option

in self-voting •  11 months ago

Steemit opens its door under the slogan MONEY TALKS. By creating content you produce financial value for youself and for the platform. It doesn't matter what kind of content as long as money comes in.
Are you joking? Not really. Look, as a newcomer you will notice, that you are hardly noticed under the flood of new posts every second. Why not use this self-voting option if no one else gives you an upvote? It is an offer and helps my self-esteem. Better even, creating two accounts and producing complete nonsense, however upvoting each other brings money in. Like
But it is abusive behavior, you think and it shouldn't be tolerated on this platform! But we came for money otherwise we would have met at MEDIUM or other platforms where people come for quality in the first place.

I love to see original and creative content on Steemit! But probably I will see Steemit always dealing with this quality issue, because it is a homemade problem, or solution if you look from the entrepreneur's point of view.


Thanks for your attention and VOTE.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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I know what it's like to be new on the platform, I'm from October, fighting to be able to highlight even a post and it's quite hard, comments in your photos that have more votes than your post and that irregularities are not controlled by the platform, which I find it very absurd, I loved your post, I felt identified. regards


Thanks for your replay Jennifer. For a while I struggeld a bit because I put in a moralistic standard for Steemit. Now I see it as it is; it is normal capitalism, disguised as hipster alternative enterprise. However I see all the great features of this platform too. Take care and steem on!


You've pretty well nailed it but I'd add that it's an echo chamber for those of ideological like-mindedness​​ of the creators.


True, as in real life.

[johano] thanks! have a nice day!