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in love •  11 months ago

Hi there, steemians,

Good afternoon.

Reart boist reart boilem pisty..

Merty berm kitty heast herm limbo..

Voist yearm ferty dasio perm..

Nister curty ghilop kasper biserm..

Buiost tuast histy nertio perlim..

Vister folim cherm baser listy..

Lambo kerty hilom ghurt bertio..

Chisp lorm kister germ ghitty..

Nimbo perm chert seart jilop.


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Buist nerm kisplo. Mearty earm serty ghist. Phist ferm tuist karm gilop. Master serty voist cherm pater. Ferm lambi hister gertio pasty. Ferm tulip koist deater herm. Blusto berm torm.



What language is it?


Tuerm boist vorty.😊😊