Gone Were The Days

Gone were the times of high customary
National sentiments solely to appear forward
Not a word to be same in dishonor
It was love for mother country and needed

Now no a lot of nations however solely ration
Cast, creed and faith solely equation
More crowds and a lot of weight
Individual is taken to new height

No qualification however solely criteria
The emotion and intolerance prevail like microorganism
Land grabbers, mafias and dishonest rule
Public suffer and voice to ruffle

This gift day of context
Hereditary rule is barely best
Thousands of recent rulers in type of misters
They persuade be referred to as dishonest and sinister

At the time of taking oath or as beginner
They were simply a standard man or common man
The fortune begin swinging in no time or sooner
It is remunerative business for the opener

Money begin dynamical hand
Known enemies or adversaries become friends
All realize prosperous future at the top
Gather the maximum amount as you'll with new trend

Deny the hand and provide argument
Avoid public look and provide no comment
Law can take its own course and penalize the guilty
The skillful show with mastery, address and skill

The rulers area unit understand criminals currently
The public still loves them and nobody is aware of how?
What is getting to be fate for returning generation?
No one comes forward with surprising revelations?

I may not express emotion beside others
I shall blame the self and trouble
What may be fault on my part?
I have renowned politics as associate degree art

Only faces modification however not the scene
Same folks escort new theme and seen
Indulging in same apply with heap a lot of indemnity
It goes on with same intensity and continuity

I will ought to settle for it as incurable malady
Number of restrictions might not let or ease
The fortune is alienated from the land
And deposited in secret in foreign land

Who can raise the banner of revolt?
It may receive solely set back or jolt?
You may be tired from the face of earth
You will be eliminated or face the death

Democracy was ne'er a matter
It was to b served as powerful establishment
Nothing may be compared as best answer
Power is invigorated in hands of individuals with resolution

If you'll not match with bullet
Use a minimum of conscience and ballet
Do not permit grabbers and looters?
A powerfulness to send shooters

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