Let's Learn and Develop Ourselves! #introduceyourself

Hey, Steemians. My name is Toshiro Cotta. I like to help out people with issues they're facing in their life. I like to see people grow and develop themselves. I'm on the path to self-development myself and have a long way to go. But I like to share some great ideas I come across so that we can all grow together.

I have a blog and YouTube channel created for the same purpose. I came across Steemit while browsing YouTube. Seemed like an interesting opportunity. I could do the thing I like to do and also maybe make a little money on the side doing it.

If you have any issues you'd like me to address and help you out with, feel free to comment below or on any of my posts. You can also always private message me.

Hope you have a great day. Best wishes and own it!

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welcome...nice intro


Thank you, mabhedal :D

Hey there. Welcome to steemit and good luck on here! You seem like an interesting and positive individual. I'm also into self development a lot as well, I think it's important.
What kind of stuff do you post on your YouTube channel? I'll check it out when I get a chance if you share a link?


Hey, apolymask :D Thank you. It's great that we have self-development in common. :) Yeah, it can really help you grow.
I post self-development and educational stuff on YouTube too. For example, how to overcome stage fright, how to become more productive, etc. Hope you have a great day. ^_^

The link, if you're interested: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnwpIJ0fAxB_Po0InHluqIw

Welcome to Steemit @revitellect! Hope you are enjoying your time here so far!!! :)


Thank you, synrg! Yes, it's going great so far. Have to be a little more consistent, I think. But I'm liking the community. Finding a lot of people with similar interests :D Hope you have a wonderful day. Thank you for following. Cheers!
Have a good day