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Some people are waiting for a crash of the banking system - I don't think that will happen. Maybe some corrections along the way but no total crash

The alternative to crash is inflation and raise of productivity that is happening now every day
It's hard to loose value of your money through inflation ,but that's the way the system reduces depth

I believe that crypto currency will slowly gain the trust of more and more people
But not because of the actual coin
Blockchain technology is the secure base for many interactions and transactions worldwide without a middleman
There will be lots of new services and this new useful apps and so on will bring the people to use crypto coins and the blockchain

There will be competition between the different ledger and the one with the best service will win in the long run
So where are the best applications with real blockchain security because there is lots of not so secure systems out there where companies and small groups of investors try to manipulate and influence a blockchain
It will take some time until trust is built and the real secure blockchain will disrupt and renew the whole internet

until then lots of speculation will happen and people will try to get rich quick

The real winners will be the guys who bring good services with blockchain security to the people

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Very interesting perspective in comparison to what I've read out there. I agree with the fact that there will not be a total crash, definitely not anytime soon anyway.

The Situation is the same now as it was for the tulip bubble. People didn't by tulips because they were stupid, They we're trying to get away from a collapsing currency. Tulips we're better than failing money, and Cryptos are infinitely better than tulips. This is the first time in history that Humanity has had an option that wasn't rigged up for us by the last group of idiots that screwed everything up for us. People won't need to know about bitcoin to know its better than a $100 bill thats only worth $95.

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