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RE: Why Steem offers one of the most secure wallets in Crypto

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Generally, I like steem inbuilt wallets. They are quite safe, except one's account gets compromised as you've clearly stated, @acidyo. I would really like to use witness @jesta's vessel 0.0.9. However, I have a major challenge. The private keys usually have about 52 characters each. The wallet doesn't allow me to enter more than 33 characters.


There's no limitation on that field, that's just as much as your browser window will show in that field. If you keep typing (or just paste it in from a different file), it should accept the entire 52 character string.

Its That Problem Man..
U should Try with Your Real steemit key..
best of luck

that's comes with it's risk though.
Ideally u want to use your 'master' key as less as possible.

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