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RE: 5 Security Tips for Cryptocurrency Owners

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This is all very sound advice but since starting here (only a couple of months ago) I have been amazed by the number of people who have started using (or trading/ gambling) with crypto currency and have no concept of security. More basic advice should include 'do not store coins on exchanges' etc. Also, use a hardware wallet or cold/ paper wallets. Hardware wallets are available for under $100, which is a small price to pay to keep your coins secure. I would suggest anyone with more than $1000 in crypto should seriously consider getting one of these. They now support multiple currencies as well!


The stupidity tax is growing.

I don't know about hardware devices, their RNG could be weak. I'd prefer to generate my own passwords.

I agree and I appreciate that this post was aimed at slightly more capable individuals but I am amazed by the number of people acting surprised when I suggest they don't store coins on exchanges or statements like 'its all OK as Polo is back up again'. A lot of people will get badly burned when the next exchange goes down. Thanks for the post. Its a good, gentle reminder that I really need to get my Linux skills up!

Yeah but this artile is just absolutely basic information, I could write a book about the do's and dont's , in fact I probably should. But i'd rather put out small information here in readable form. I have noticed that the attention span of people is very limited so I keep my articles from now on short and on point.

Thanks for such useful information.

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