Week 62 Secrets of Organ Playing Competition

Let's see if I remember how to do this! Here is my entry for this week:

P.S. My son is home on Spring Break, so I had a videographer today :)


Yay! You are back. We all missed you. Splendidly done and you remembered how to enter 👌 @partitura @tormus1958 @drugelis @organduo @laputis @jeremyowens9501 @sapolasa

Thank you! I find steempeak very confusing. Maybe if I keep posting it will get easier :)

Yey! Welcome back!

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Thanks - I missed it!

Good hearing you again!

Welcome back! I enjoyed your playing very much! !organduo 500

@savagirl4 you have received 500 ORGANDUO from organduo!

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