Secrets of Organ Playing contest Week 62 submission--Da Jesus An Dem Kreuze Stund BWV 621 by J.S. Bach

And we continue, after a week break, with the Orgelbuchlein. The organ I am playing is the first organ that the Dobson organ company built. The Opus 1 is currently housed in a Missouri Synod Lutheran Church in Dakota Dunes, South Dakota--the church I will be playing at this Sunday. It is a tracker organ, but a really stiff one and I think you can hear it in the playing. There are a total of 12 stops--6 on the great, five on the upper manual (not sure what to call it...) and one in the pedals. Everything couples together, so the sub bass does have some other colors that can be added into the pedal. It's a fun little instrument to play on and accompany this modest sized church in it's liturgies on Sunday morning which is about 75% sung.


Great to see you playing on a different organ. You could probably call the top manual the Oberwerk and the bottom one the Hauptwerk. I’m loving your playing of the little organ book. Not sure what I’ll
play next week.

In Dutch you'd call them Hoofdwerk and Bovenwerk. It actually depends on where the 'werk' is situated, the naming is not very imiginative. If it's on the heigth of your chest: Borstwerk, if it's behind you: Rugwerk. Easy... :-)

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Nice work and interesting organ. Australia will be getting its first Dobson organ in a Sydney church next year!

I like the quiet character of your playing! !organduo 500

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