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RE: Secrets of Organ Playing Contest Week 11

Hi @organduo, I would encourage you and your contestants to use the nTOPAZ platform (Another STEEM front end) for performances. They are building out a music community as well now and I think it would be a great support. and if you let them know that I (bengy) sent you that would be much appreciated!


Thanks a lot! Does nTopaz accept YouTube links in posts? This is the way our contestants submit their video entries.

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Yes they do, and they will also create new Steem accounts for people you might bring along from outside Steem. I was just appointed curator, and I would really like the quality of music on that platform to get better!

Is it only for contests? I do make a fair amount of my own improvisations which are not contest entries.

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No, it is for all performance posts. So I think it is a great fit for you... And for your organ contest entries! Steemconnect is the sign in bridge.

Also artwork as well which I think you also do!

And also for artwork too?

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Yes yes! I think it would be the right thing for most of your posting! The front end is a bit annoying still, but you can always jump back to Steempeak or Steemit to edit again....

For my eyes the font size is too small. I wish they would choose something like on Partiko or Busy.

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