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Empathy can be a hard trait to acquire, and many wouldn’t even want it. The technical definition is as follows.


I like to put myself into other people’s shoes often, because it gives me more understanding about how they might feel or what they may be going through. To do this helps me to interact with compassion and tact, so that I do not come across as a big jerk unintentionally. Some of this empathy was conveyed in my recent post about whale shoes.

From my viewpoint on steemit, it can be hard to put myself in the shoes of others. Somehow, @papa-pepper is huge around here and some even say he’s a legend. How in the world this happened is beyond me. For many of you, you’d like to know what it is like to have over 800 followers and a rep that is almost up to 70. Personally, I wanted to know what it would be like to be a newcomer again.

I recently made a comment to @mattclarke who replied, "Says the guy with 800 followers :)," which, in a potentially humorous manner shows some of the current difference between myself and many of the other users on steemit. ( @mattclarke has 155 followers and a rep of 54 and @papa-pepper currently has 818 followers and a rep of 69. That's a big difference, and we therefore have different points of view.)

@papa-pepper joined steemit at a very good time. Sure, it could have been better, but it was a great time for a complete n00b to try to figure out what he was supposed to do on this platform. My skills have been increasing and so has my investment of time, but I knew that my success and results were really not reproducible. I can’t teach others how to get the results that I got based off of what I did because steemit really isn’t like that.

Many of you know that I can make some quality posts on a consistent basis and that I can think and convey my thoughts in writing to some reasonable degree as well.

So, I decided to start a second account.

My goal in doing so was simply to see what it would be like to start all over and come in fresh without knowing anyone. The basic “rules” were also simple.

  • Be anonymous and not let everyone know that the new account was actually @papa-pepper

  • Not have @papa-pepper help the new account with votes or direct publicity

  • Do my best to produce high-quality content from that account everyday

  • Pick a difficult area to succeed in

  • See how well the account could do on its own

Well, it’s been about two months now, and here is how I have done.


  • 226 Posts

  • 52 Reputation

  • Estimated Account Value $9.14

Yeah, not too impressive. Steemit can be tough, can’t it? That total account value is horrible! I mean, @papa-pepper could probably make more than that in a half hour if he tried.

I even entered one of the Poetry Slam Challenges from @prufarchy and one of the Steemit Photo Challenges from @jamtaylor just to try to draw some more attention to the account. Eventually I even put some upvotes in the @steemsports events just to try to build up the account value.

But, when it takes you two months to make $10, you have not really succeeded, have you?

Because of my Christian faith, I chose to create a purely Christian account and stick to spiritual posts for the most part (except for the contest entries).

This would prevent certain curation groups from choosing my posts, because some shy away from overtly religious or political posts.

For the most part, the account has done well in interaction and adding to the community, but it never got a nice payout.

Early on, @stan (who is the father of @dantheman) took notice of me and even did a post where he promoted my work. I had only been on steemit for about ten days under that username and already was getting some great publicity in the area that I was focusing my attention posting in because of the plug from @stan.

Still, the biggest payout that I ever got was $1.07 total.


In the end, I gained some insight into how difficult steemit really can be. I try to encourage others around here anyway, but this gave me some more insight into how others may be feeling around here. I do still think that steemit is a very lucrative opportunity for people, especially right now. Even @papa-pepper would have given up before if it wasn’t for the payouts that I got early on.

If I had started the second account to make money, I would have called it a failure and quit. However, if I liked the interaction and thought that I was adding something to community, then I would have deemed the experiment a success and kept right on going.

So, what does the future hold?

Q: Will @papa-pepper keep doing what papa does?

A: Yes, I plan on being here on a daily basis posting, interacting, and upvoting.

Q: Will I keep running the other account?

A: Yes. For me, it makes sense.

Anyone who only wants my Christian material can stick to the other account. Anyone who would rather not get too much of that can just stick with papa. If someone wants to check out all that I have to offer in both areas, then they can follow both usernames and enjoy that. Papa will keep being papa and though I cannot separate who I am, and though my beliefs do carry over into the other aspects of my life, the deeper theological issues will be sorted through in my posts in the other account. Also, you won’t find gardening tips or recipes being posted in the other account, because “Man does not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God” (Matthew 4:4).

Remember, if you enjoy @papa-pepper, he is only what he has become because of Jesus Christ anyway, so I hope that you can respect that.

P.S. My goal in this has not been to be sneaky and secretive to trick people or some other purpose like that. I wanted to do an experiment and see what the results would be. From what people like @stan and others said about some of my posts from the other account, they were of a very high quality and some users even believed them to be Biblically accurate.

Feel free to check them out those posts if you are interested, but just remember that they are written about earthly, eternal, and spiritual topics from the Christian worldview, to the best of my understanding. As with anything, I am not expert and I can be wrong. However, I must still do my best to understand accurately and live within the parameters of that understanding. Speaking of limited understanding and opinions…

In my opinion, you guys are the best!

As always, I’m @papa-pepper and here’s the proof:



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I'm delighted to see you decided to associate your faith with your true identity!

"Therefore everyone who confesses Me before men, I will also confess him before My Father in heaven."


Let the redeemed of the Lord say so...


Great experiment! Come to think of it, I had been feeling a strange disturbance in the Force...


Figured I would clue you in Brother!

I guess I should probably share the name of that other account:



I've got to get some other work done right now, but I'll be back to answer questions and reply to comments later. Thanks!

Hey @papa-pepper thanks for sharing your experiment.
It's an interesting look at why people are here isn't it?
If you're happy to write content on Facebook for free, but not happy with small payouts on Steemit, then you really need to look at why you are here.
And you having a separate account to see how you will fare without any of your fame is not a new thing. writers and musicians do this sort of thing all the time. Stephen King is a good example.

I firmly believe that quality will always win in the end. It may take a long while, but if you concentrate on quality the results will come. And you my friend, are the definition of quality. ;-)


Thanks for all of that!

the definition of quality

Really? I guess opinions vary, but I do like yours!

youre funny....thats why i follow! <3 God-on brutha!!! XO



I at least least have a sense of humor, if you know what I mean.

Very cool brother. Good post and certainly one to refer folks to if they ask why you are who you are.


Yeah, I'm a different person these days than I was back in the day, and there is only one reason for that!

Thanks @anotherjoe.

sounds and looks like you are putting in so much work to steemit, thanks papa, keep it up because you are doing awesome work


Thanks for that.

Having some unreleased material already handy helps, but I am working hard to put more quality content on steemit!

thanks for sharing this. Yeah, newcomers are in a tuff spot right now. I am pretty certain that if I was a newcomer at this moment, I would not stick around. Fortunately, I am not a newcomer so I will keep steeming on.


Even your cat was surprised?


He was shocked, still hiding under the couch...



Oh @majes!


Hey I'm ok with everything and all but the thing is, the cat never really liked you all that much dude. Prolly down to the ole jalapeno in the cat food trick...

He would give me that look when I was browsing your blog...

He really liked @narrowminded though, so now he is all confused and could well need counseling...
Thanks @papa-pepper


Thats a great photo! Similar look on my face too when I found out!

For most, it's about who you know and who promotes your account to their followers. Everyone needs a little help to get started.


Yeah, a nobody basically is a nobody until they meet somebody.

@noganoo talked up @papa-pepper a lot from the beginning and stirred up a lot of support right away.

Nice approach :) Thanks for sharing your experiment. See you.


Perhaps you will see me, I just followed you!

You're welcome, it was a fun and interesting experiment for sure!


Yay! Thanks @papa-pepper!

What an absolutely amazing experiment!


It really was, plus, it was a lot of fun!

Very interesting experiment!


It was fun, and I really thought that I would do better than that, so not "making much" was an interesting surprise!

Thanks @timcliff.

Thanks for doing the experiment and sharing. That's very cool of you to get the little guy's perspective. Looks like us little guys have a hard road ahead. That's OK. At least I get the chance to share some of the historical truth of the man some call Jesus. His names name in English is actually Joshua and comes from Hebrew Yahshua or Yahushua in the perfect spelling. I pray many blessings to you and yours


Thanks @yahslion777.

I hope that your time here is truly blessed!

Is your wife on yet?

If so, what is her username? (or are you just running a secret account.


she hasn't made it on yet


Let me know when she does!

That's a really clever experiment. So do you post non-Christian stuff on the other account too or is just about religion?


Just the Christian stuff over there, except for 2 photochallenge entries.


OK. Thanks:) I used to be very religious but I've gradually kind of lost it really.

That's a great experiment.
I continue to try not to focus on my wallet as I'm seriously working on increasing my vests. For me, I think I'm more disheartened by seeing 100+ upvotes and maybe a couple of comments. But then I see your post @papa-pepper - 265 votes, it only made $2.13 at the time of this comment, but at least you've got 30+ comments (your responses included). I don't know that I would have given up after 2 months of making zilch because that's exactly how I got my start. Nothing's come easy. You worked damn hard to build your rep and your following - don't discount that. ;)


I'm not saying that any of it was handed to me.

I've busted my butt and put a lot of effort into this over the months.

However, that alone is no guarantee of success, whatever we want to deem that is.

Thanks @merej99!

Will you be continuing to publishing "Love, like His" under the the @papa-pepper account or move it to the @narrowminded account?


It sill continue under @papa-pepper, and should be continuing shortly.

"He" started it and I'll let "him" finish it!

Good question!

Thanks for the shout out, brother. This piece ties in nicely with what I've been saying about opportunity on this platform.
If you're reading this in 2016, you're a crazy early adopter, but that doesn't necessarily mean steemit's success will be yours.


Yeah, thanks for linking that post too.

There is so much opportunity here right now especially with the amount of steem and steem power being paid out.

I wonder how much of the Papa-Pepper account success is due to it's name.
It IS memorable, snappy and catchy, unlike many other user names .
In other words it's either a brand or becoming one.


So you don't think that my amazing posts and quirky personality have anything to do with it?!??!?!

I wonder how much

Oh, right, you were just suggesting that perhaps a percentage of it was due to the name.


Yes it was a very pleasant suprise to find out that @papa-pepper and @narrowminded are one in the same! I am featuring this post on my "today in the spotlight" segment.


Thank's for the spotlight tonight @daveks!

Nice experiment bro. Following you on both accounts of course. Glad you shared this post. We are who we are. Upvoted.


Thanks @verbal-d.

People can now come along for both rides if they want!


You're very welcome and I believe they should go on both rides and experience the journey ahead


Good advice!

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

excellent post.
only ud @papa-pepper can do post of this quality, explicaion and clear words. congratulations and continuene their success.

I knew it... another identity. lol Just kidding. Cool experiment. You write very well by the way.....


Thanks for that compliment.

I do put a lot of effort into it, but I guess I have some good sentence structure and grammar to start with.

as always I do enjoy your posts
Papa-pepper is like a name brand here


Yeah, it has become like a brand.

A strange, different and quality brand, but a brand none the less.

Thanks for the support @otisbrown.

So the rest of us can make a bumper-sticker for our posts that says, "In my other account, I'm making a Steemit killing!" ; ) Or maybe we should each have an account for our most 'ultra-niche' self and see what happens. I've got to give you great credit for trying out so many capabilities of Steemit. And good on you for having the energy to keep two accounts going.

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Hey @papa-pepper; I believe that empathy can be learnt, but I'd say it's more nature than nurture. Some people like you are born naturally empathetic and others are not ... as we both know from Steemit. I really liked this post. It's very honest. @mindhunter APPROVES :))