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On the train yesterday I wanted to grab a picture that captured how I'm feeling at the moment.

There are bright springy bits - I've a couple of new clients who are really up for doing interesting work and generally it feels like work-winter is over. Some unconferences are suited to the dark days when we should be cosying up in the warm together to chew things over. But others are right for the summer months when we're excited and lively and want to chat into the evening. And we're going away for the weekend and I'll get to do parkrun by the sea and all that.

But things are also still a bit blurred and a bit distorted - there's simply no way of knowing how Brexit is going to affect us and no matter how much I want to just shrug it off and take things one day at a time, I find myself coming back to comparisons with the Y2K bug and the Icelandic volcano episode just that this one really is likely to stop some systems in their tracks despite all preparations and I think London at least is going to be pretty empty of tourists until it's clearer how things are going to work out - I mean if you were a teacher on mainland europe in charge of arranging a school trip with 30 kids and you had all those risk assessments to do, would you be thinking of London this April. Nope, don't think so.

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You do get good pics for your posts. We are definitely in for a time of confusion. Hope it's all worth it in the end, but we have no idea how long that will take.

oh wow, a wonderful abstract shot :-D seems you feel torn and stressed, if I would judge just from the photo.

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